Merging parts from a set top box

Begonnen von JiBen, Januar 30, 2020, 10:14:37

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Hello, could anyone please help me with merging parts of a HD (HEVC) recording from a DVB-T2 set top box (001.ts,, 002.ts, ..., After merging in TSDoctor the video is corrupted on the divide between each two consecutive parts. Played in the set top box the video looks alright. The log:

Starting at packet 00000000 PCR: 00:00:00.000 (-00:00:00.000)
TS  WARNING: For PID 083E 00:22:33.985 TS packet 00573500: Packet discontinuity  last=7 , current=11
TS  WARNING: For PID 084A 00:22:33.954 TS packet 00573510: Packet discontinuity  last=14 , current=2
PES ERROR  : For PID 084A 00:22:34.018 PES packet 0000A548 is invalid (SizeMismatch), starting with TS packet 005734D0 Size: 2386 should be 1834
TS  WARNING: For PID 083E 00:50:10.859 TS packet 00AE6200: Packet discontinuity  last=4 , current=3
TS  WARNING: For PID 084A 00:50:10.859 TS packet 00AE6208: Packet discontinuity  last=13 , current=10
PES ERROR  : For PID 084A 00:50:10.882 PES packet 00016F8A is invalid (SizeMismatch), starting with TS packet 00AE615C Size: 2018 should be 1834
ES  ERROR  : For PID 084A 00:50:10.784 AC3 packet 00016F87 has AC3 Crc error
TS  WARNING: For PID 084A 01:16:52.674 TS packet 0105A200: Packet discontinuity  last=3 , current=6
TS  WARNING: For PID 083E 01:16:52.674 TS packet 0105A201: Packet discontinuity  last=9 , current=6
PES ERROR  : For PID 084A 01:16:52.706 PES packet 00023315 is invalid (SizeMismatch), starting with TS packet 0105A197 Size: 2570 should be 1650
TS  WARNING: For PID 083E 01:38:44.207 TS packet 015CD700: Packet discontinuity  last=7 , current=6
TS  WARNING: For PID 084A 01:38:44.207 TS packet 015CD703: Packet discontinuity  last=7 , current=6
PES ERROR  : For PID 084A 01:38:44.226 PES packet 0002D32F is invalid (SizeMismatch), starting with TS packet 015CD6BD Size: 1650 should be 1834
ES  ERROR  : For PID 084A 01:38:44.128 AC3 packet 0002D329 has AC3 Crc error
Ending at packet 01AC38FF PCR: 01:57:54.970 (12:33:38.154)

The original files are here:


for this (ALi-) type of recording, you should simply open the file in TS-Doctor. It will automatically detect the existing parts, and drop the duplicated frames (or better: packets) at the end & beginning of the recording's segments.

Just my experience...


That's what I did. Did you try it with a HEVC stream? With MPEG (SD) it works fine.


In fact, I did it on your own recording...
Here's the log file, with no errors detected through a check run:

Ah, I see: You actually ran the files through Tools -> File Merger, probably. There, I get the same errors.
I opened the file directly in TS-Doctor's main page, and created a new .ts file. That new file is also error-free like the previous check-run when opened again in TS-Doctor.

Perhaps that additional tool isn't "DVB-T2 aware"...

Which version of The Doctor do you use?


Yes! You're right, I merged them first. I'm using TSD 3.0.8. Now it works when I do it directly. However, I'm convinced that I tried it directly a few days ago in the same version of TSD, and it didn't work :) But meanwhile I have installed a new version of LAV Filters. May it be the reason that I had some weird version of LAV Filters installed before? Anyway, thanks a lot and I'm sorry that I didn't try it again directly (without merging first) before I posted my question.


Glad to read that it works for you now, too.

But your question cannot be answered by me, sorry. Perhaps Cypheros could shed some light...

I, personally, doubt that the file's content will be pressed through the filters during a check, but, well, see above.


The file merger is a simple copy tool to merge files. Ali DVRs are needing a special treatment but that only works if all files belonging to the recording are in there. TS-Doctor can then detect the Ali format and fix the shift from one file to the next. The TS File Merger is missing this feature.

LAV Filters are not needed to process the files, only for the preview in the cutting windows or the video analysis.