TS Doctor stops to work

Begonnen von TUK, September 03, 2016, 15:08:34

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- configuration : Version 1.2.184  / W10

-It was not the case a year or several months ago, but now when I try to find the area that I would like to cut, it happends most of the time that TS Doctor stops to work and I have to start again from zero.
It seems to depend on the speed to go from one point to the other. If if I move very slowly nothing happens but I if I move a bit faster the problem appears.

Thanks in advance


Yes Windows 10 is a pain in the ass. Try to install free LAVFilters instead using the Microsoft filters. Windows 7 was the last "good" OS with reliable video decoders.

Under Settings/Preferences/Supported tools/LAVfilters you can install the free reliable filters.


Thanks for your answer.

I try to re-install LAV filters ( using "supported tools) but I got a message : " This program requires Windows service pack 3 or later" ???


Service pack 3 for Windows 10?
Do you use the XP compatibility mode or something like that ?


- I do not think so, previously I used W7 before W10 and I don't know how to check that (not shown in system parameters)..
- I checked that Lav filters are already  installed ( 0.68.1 )

Any other idea to avoid crash ?


OK, if LAVs are installed, just ignore that.

After the next crash, please go to Settings/Preferences/Preview , click on "Show DirectX Log" and post that log. Maybe I can see what filters are used for the preview and at what point the crash happens.



- OK, see attached log

- I shall say too that the problem occurs most of the time when using the scrollbar ( as said depends on the speed to move it)
but If I use the buttons ( 1 mn, 10s,1s etc.) it works ( until now !).


Looks OK. Try to disable "Use fast sample grabbing" under Settings/Preferences/Preview.


After 2 trials on a record presenting that problem, seems OK.

I am crossing my finger and will let you know if problem appears again.

Thanks again