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Autor Thema: Feature request to improve batch mode  (Gelesen 191 mal)


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Feature request to improve batch mode
« am: Februar 18, 2019, 11:00:24 »
hi, I have exactly same comment as in this thread https://cypheros.de/forum_ger2/index.php?topic=3569.msg24267#msg24267
(I didn't reply to old thread since it was nearly 3 years old)
I think batch mode could be hugely improved if:
  • You could open open multiple files at single open
  • Program would analyze all the opened files without any intermediate clicks
  • You would do the necessary tweaks and push "start" to begin batch process
Alternatively you would be able to do single opening of batch and trust, fingers crossed, on automatic detection.

Now process requires frequent attention in batch mode: 1) open file 2) wait several minutes for ad detection 3) tweak cut list 4) Append to batch 5) repeat.
After multiple repetitions, you are finally able to run the batch.