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TS-Doctor 2.x / Subtitles not being extracted and saved
« am: August 05, 2019, 05:33:50 »
Subtitles are the most mysterious things! According to MKVtoolnix, the .TS files I get from TSD have an SRT subtitle stream. I know they are actually there because I successfully mux them into finished files with MKVtoolnix.

In TSD I have "Extract DVB subtitles (srt format)" selected and in "SRT formatting" I have a bunch of default stuff selected, but I do not get any .srt files from TSD. Does anybody know what I am doing wrong?

What I'm wanting to do is be able to delete the huge .TS files that I'm really only keeping for the SRT streams and it would be great if TSD would save them for me which it seems to offer as an option.

TS-Doctor 2.x / Cutting window freezing
« am: Juli 25, 2019, 23:42:24 »
The cutting window is intermittently freezing when I'm looking for an 'out' frame. This problem is becoming more frequent.

All controls work until I set an 'in' point. I can move the playback cursor manually whilst playing or paused and the picture changes as expected. If I then select a time shift button (+10s / +1m / +1s, -1m / -10s / etc.) the picture may continue to update or just freeze. Pressing the + or - IF button appears to unfreeze it, but if I press pause the picture jumps to some other time and freezes again.

If I press the Play button, the timer runs but the picture stays frozen. If I press the +1F button the timer runs but the picture stays frozen and it never finds another I-frame. HUGE problem!

TSD has done this before, but it always recovered if I jumped back and forth a few seconds. I'm using v2.2.21 to cut off-air h.264 TS files.

TS-Doctor 2.x / Viewing problem areas in new saved files
« am: Mai 10, 2019, 05:20:43 »
Sometimes I'll get an error or a warning or both  :o in a saved file. If I look in the log I can eventually find a list of the timecode/s. Sometimes I exit the log and I get a little window that lets me play the areas so I can see how bad the problem is. This is GREAT, but I have no idea how that was triggered or how to manually open it. There is a problem (I think) ... I can play one problem area once and that's it, the window closes, never to be seen again.

Is there some way to 1. Get another look, and 2. View other problem areas that may have been listed? 3. How did I trigger it in the first place?

TS-Doctor 2.1 (Beta) / Huge log files
« am: November 20, 2018, 00:15:00 »
Sometimes saving a new file takes longer than usual. I opened the log file from a slow save today because I noticed it was about 2.5MB instead of about 15KB. After a couple of hundred lines of details I found about 60,000 lines of "Cutting area problem" and then the last line was "Log too long, aborted."

This was just one file of three prog's from the same multipart recording being saved as separate files, the other two had normal size log files. There were no PCR problems reported in the initial scan. The file that produced the big log seems fine, so what do you think was the cutting area problem? There was plenty of space between edits.

TS-Doctor 2.1 (Beta) / Opening one part of multi-part recordings
« am: November 07, 2018, 21:23:28 »
I've set "Dialog Settings / Multi part recording. Open complete recording?" to "Show Dialog", but v2.1.45 is still opening the whole recording without asking. Is this a bug or is there another setting somewhere? :-[

Please refer to https://cypheros.de/forum_ger2/index.php?topic=4222.new;topicseen#new

I haven't needed to take screen shots for a while, but now I do and I'm using v2.1.39 beta. I find that the custom resolution I put in is gone. I added the DWORDs as previously advised, but they don't work in this version. Screenshots of SD material are wrong size again and letterboxed with black bars or distorted are the only options. I need a 1024x576 option please.

I also noticed whilst I was in REGEDIT that there are some DWORDS with "Screenshoot" instead of "Screenshot" but that may be of no importance.

Another little problem is that in scenes where there is any motion in interlaced video there's combing artefacts. Can you please give an option to blend the fields or change to a single field instead of a frame?

TS-Doctor 2.x / EPG not showing all programs
« am: Oktober 15, 2018, 22:08:09 »
I've just tried to process a recording in TSD and the EPG lists only the first program as the full length of the recording. I retried it in TSD v1 - same result. In DVB inspector I can see all the program info is present, so what could cause TSD to ignore most of it? I enabled 'Extended PID scan' and 'Enhanced PCR check active/Search depth 140MBytes/PCR scan factor 1' but they made no difference to the problem. Editing the recording is still possible so the recording is basically intact. Other recordings of same channel are normal. Any suggestions to get the EPG working on this one?

TS-Doctor 2.x / Colours disappearing from subtitles
« am: September 04, 2018, 02:51:57 »
I've set TSD to keep the subtitles in my edited files but the colour information is getting lost when I compress them. I use VidCoder (a Handbrake GUI) but it cannot even 'see' the subtitles in the TS files which is a major nuisance. If I play the same TS files in PotPlayer or VLC the subtitles are there in perfect timing and with colours intact.

To get around this I use VidCoder to convert the TS files to mp4 format. Then I use MKVToolNix (v26) to add the subtitles from the TS file and the video + audio from the mp4 file which are then multiplexed together (really fast!) as an mkv file. The timing is still 100%, but the colours are gone.

I don't know if this a bug in MKVToolNix or if I'm setting something incorrectly in TSD and/or MKVToolnix. I've tried changing between ANSI and UTF8, but that didn't make any difference. Any suggestions?

TS-Doctor 2.x / Download lockouts
« am: August 24, 2018, 01:30:14 »
I use a download manager and sometimes the download of latest TSD version fails to start with this message "WARNING: Too many downloads. You reached the download limit of 5 times for the file TSDoctor2_Eng.exe within one hour. Try again later".

Well, no I didn't, I tried once. Maybe the download manager tried several times within a millisecond as each attempt failed, I don't know.

I suppose there's a good reason for the lockout, but I have to say I d/l a lot of updates from all over the web and this is the only site that does this. Just sayin'.

Update: I've just found that if I do an update from within TSD within "the lockout hour" it goes smoothly, but of course I don't have a backup copy of the d/l (afaik).

TS-Doctor 2.x / Time display suggestion
« am: August 06, 2018, 01:39:49 »
I'm pretty sure that there is no option in TSD to change the display of times, so would it be possible to have an option to select either hh:mm:ss:mS (mS = milliseconds, the current display) or hh:mm:ss:ff (ff = frames)?

TS-Doctor 2.x / Logo display suggestion
« am: Juli 29, 2018, 03:43:04 »
Currently, the station logo has a text overlay at the bottom which often has the same or similar info as the logo. Would it be possible instead to have the numerical channel number?

TS-Doctor 2.x / Logo naming problem
« am: Juli 25, 2018, 22:15:42 »
I've been fixing local logos and ran into this problem - "service_id $02A2 = ABCComedy/Kids" which is displayed as "CComedy_Ki" in the logo window.

In the zip file the forward slash causes the png file to be renamed "Kids" which is put into a new sub-folder "ABCComedy".

Is there a way around this?

TS-Doctor 2.1 (Beta) / Station logos
« am: April 23, 2018, 21:29:02 »
The station logos in the Recording Details are now just a dull grey screen with a tiny dark rectangle in the centre and a minuscule bit of text at the bottom. Is there a way to put our own localised bitmaps in there?

TS-Doctor 2.1 (Beta) / Timeline and EPG mismatched
« am: April 20, 2018, 21:56:45 »
Just had a weird recording where the EPG has two lists - one with 12Hr times and one with 24Hr times - plus the timeline was shortened and only listed the last show.

TS-Doctor 2.1 (Beta) / "Error saving info file" in v2.1.20
« am: April 13, 2018, 20:19:24 »
Seeing "Error saving info file" at the end of "Save new file" process with this new version.

The missing *.txt file is not much use anyway because, in my case at least, it only ever contains info about the first program in a multi-program recording which is usually only the last few minutes of that one anyway.

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