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TS-Doctor 2.x / some improvements in the UI?
« am: Februar 20, 2016, 14:19:21 »

Congratulations and thank you for TS-DOCTOR V2. A real step ahead.

1. I have noticed that when you are in the main screen after opening a film, you have to click on the small arrow in the right part of the screen in order to unhide the PID number of the stream. This looks like an unnecessary step. Wouldn't it be possible to display this PID number rigth away?

2. When you are in the main screen after opening a film, and you clik on the symbol to reach the "stream properties" screen, I think that this is mostly because you would like to change the language and/or the stream order. However, the initial focus is put on the "OK" button and you have to press the "tab" key three time before reaching the field labeled "language". Would it be possible to put the initial focus on this very field? This would have the tremendous advantage of just pressing the first two letters of the language you would like to enter, rather than either pressing three time on the tab key, on using the mouse to click on this field.

3. Regarding PID numbers, those ones hidden in the main screen are expressed in DECIMAL numbering, but the same PID numbers in the editing screen (the one where you can cut parts of the movie) are expressed in HEXADECIMAL... This is quite boring. Would it be possible to have the same numbering scheme in both places?

4. In the screen for cutting parts of the film you are editing, there are 3 buttons (one for audio volume, another for selecting audio streams and the last one for selecting subtitles). When you click on the buttons for selecting audio streams or subtitles, there is an unexpanded combobox appearing just above the button you have just clicked. In this unexpanded combobox, there is only the first stream visible and you then have to click once again in the arrow of the combobox for having the other streams appear. This is an unnecessary step. I think that this combobox should be displayed in its expanded format rigth away, in order to not having to click several times for a very simple action.

Thank you very much in advance.

Good luck for the future of TS-DOCTOR!


TS-Doctor 1.2 / Fluidity issues
« am: März 10, 2015, 22:20:36 »
Hi everybody;

I have been suffering for years and years a problem of fluidity of video rendering on my home setup. I suppose to a large extent that it is not connected with the quality of files produced by TS-DOCTOR. However, I am not in a position to completely disregard this assumption, hence this post here.

Linked to a visual experience, this kind of problem is difficult to explain with words and in particular in English…

I would explain it as follows. Let us take the example of a very simple video sequence, with a background that does not in change at all  for a long period of time and an object moving from the right to the left in front of this background. What I will see is sequence of images where individual images will be perfectly clear, but the moving object seems to move from the right-handed edge of the screen to the left in five/six stages. The global experience looks like there would be 5/6 fps rather than the usual 24, 25 of 30 fps.

My settop box is a CLARKETECH 6600SST. I do not experience this problem when I play back movies that have been recorded on the PVR. Then, the video motion is as fluid as it was on the original broadcasted stream.

Then, I select some movies of interest to me, use TS-DOCTOR for fixing the transmission errors and removing ads. Then, I store the fixed/edited movie on a QNAP NAS. All my home network devices are gigabyte Ethernet compliant and the throughput is excellent (400 Mbytes/sec between my NAS equipment and the place where the TV and additional networked video equipment are located).

My Networked Media Thank is a small, cheap A.C Ryan HD!Mini, connected through a HDMI cable to a SAMSUNG Television. When I use it for playing back videos stored on my QNAP NAS, I always experience the fluidity, smoothness issue described above.

Then I decided to test other setups. I tried to connect a PC to my SAMSUNG television (through an HDMI connection) and use VLC and other software video players. Same fluidity problems.

Then, trying for other ways to test this equipment and determine the reason of the problem, I remembered that my SAMSUNG television had a built-in facility to read video files located on networked devices. (to be frank, this functionality is rather poor since it does not read ISO files and the navigation tool is more than basic, in particular when it comes to deal with TS files).

Here, no problems of fluidity at all…

In conclusion, I am wondering where the problem lies. I assume that the built-in video rendering functionality of my television has been devised to cope with highly corrupted broadcasts and is therefore able to cope with desperate situations. However, it reads files that are supposed to have been fixed with TS-DOCTOR. Since the network throughput is excellent, I would rather conclude that the software based video readers used on my PC and/or the hardware based decoder of my A.C Ryan HD!Mini are not powerfull enough to cope with HD videos.

I would be grateful if you could share with me any ideas/assupmtions/suggestions in this respect.

Best regards

TS-Doctor 1.2 / Language descriptors
« am: November 01, 2014, 15:33:13 »

Some simple questions about how to set language descriptors.

1. I put "French" as TS-DOCTOR language default, but all audio streams of videos recorded with my CTECH-6600 are flagged as "German"... As I record videos through DVB-T, and DVB-S equally, I suppose that when I see there "German", TS-DOCTOR has used a sort of default language... How can I have "French" or any other language as default languages??? Have I missed somethig important?
2. When I try to change the language descriptor in the "stream properties" pop-up window, I enter the letters "e" and "n" in order to select "English" in the combobox, but I first find a language named "English-based (Other)" and, then, I have to scroll down to see just "English" and select it. Is there any direct access to "English" possible? And how?

Thanks a lot

Best regards

Pierre M.

Dear Cypheros,

I would like to submit another idea for enhancing the automatisation of batch processing, re. opening of files, although I suspect that this highly depends on the settop box used.

My settop box is a ClarkeTech CT6600SST. It is equipped with an USB external hard drive where I store all my recordings. It is formatted FAT32 and delivers each recording as a series of 2gig-sized files named *.TRP and then *.001, *.002, *.003 etc. There are also files where extra information is stored, whit typical file extensions (*.IDX, *. IFO, and *.IFO2).

When you use the menu item "open multiple files", there is a dialog box named "open multiple files" where you have to push a button labeled "+" in order to get another dialog box named "open". My first proposal would the be to skip this extra step when the list of files in the "open multiple files" dialog box is empty. In this particular case, why not go directly to the "open" dialog box?

Then (but I repeat that this might be difficult to implement since it might be dependent on how the settop box delivers the recordings), my second proposal would be to highlight by default all relevant files for pre-selection (*.TRP and then *.001, *.002, *.003, etc.). It would be enough to click on "open" to confirm the default pre-selection. This would therefore definitely save an enourmous amount of clicks and, subsequently, of mistakes.

My third proposal would then be, if the first two proposals can be implemented in TS-DOCTOR, to fully automatise the whole process for every directory containing recorded movies. In my case, all such directories are contained in a top-directory named "records" and it would be great just to tell TS-DOCTOR : (1) here is the top directory where all my recorded movies are stored, (2) this is the output directory where I want to store the output, and (3) do I want TS-DOCTOR either just merge the files contained in the input directories under my top-directory or to merge and check/fix the transmission errors".

Than would be a dramatic improvement of the treatment of recorded movies!!!

Than you very much in advance

TS-Doctor 1.2 / Language Edits vs Batch processing
« am: März 17, 2014, 09:49:42 »
Hello everybody,

I am a new user in this forum. Thank you very much for having developed TS-Doctor. Very useful, very efficient and quite user-friendly, even for users with limited knowledge and understanding of all what related to video, video files, and their structure.

I have just a basic question: when you edit several video files in a row in order to create a list of files for batch processing, it seems that all changes in language codes are dropped. After the batch has been processed, it appears that all individual files have been edited properly (ie. Parts marked for deletion actually deleted, etc.), but the language descriptors are all reverted back to the default language. So, it seems to me that the information related to the changes in languages made during editing is not stored in the batch list. It is quite surprising since all information related to deletion of parts of films (e.g. commercial ads) are duly stored and properly re-applied to each film when the batch processing is launched.

Did I miss something? Could you please tell me if I am doing wrong?

Thank you very much

Best regards

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