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TS-Doctor 1.2 / How to get real highly clean HD videos ?
« am: September 25, 2017, 10:32:07 »

I am using with great satisfaction an early TSDOC version I have bought to treat  my HD-TV TNT capture card output.
It help me a lot to clean my signal but still remains a few error I can clearly observe by playing the TS corrected file.
They  left errors are creating serious burden on my following transcoding chain. Even limited to a few events  they spoil my films viewving experience.
May I also mention that the new HD-TV MPEG4 format does not allow any mistake in the transmission (much less resistant compared to the previous MPEG2). In spite of a careful antenna layout , I cannot prevent falses packet to occur.

So 1 comment and 1 question:

- Since no way to completly correct the false pacquet, better try to cut the few frames involved (I prefer a few invisible video loss) than sudden garbage on my TV.

2 solutions

1) THe complicated one: Extract from your log file the place where the ERROR takes place (must admit it is not straightforward, so  could you provide a way to retrieve the exact frame value or time value from start, I may use to locate and suppress manually the faulting frames (eg with AviDemux)

2) Best of all: Give us a new option in TS-Doctor by which you automatically suppress in your output file the few ms during which a ERROR (not a WARNING) was found
THIS WOULD BE A GREAT ADDITION that could enable to still maintain a high quality video display in spite of adverse TNT reception. (even with a very good installation spoiled pacquet in HD-H264 are numerous)

Let me add you could go one step further by creating an option by which you garanty your output to be for example ffmpeg compatible in all circumpstances (input TS error either suppressed or video cuts by few ms that allows to maintain a high quality transcoding ). Hard to notice a few frames freezing replacing an ugly mosaic artefact.

Thanks for your coment and why not the release of a much stronger Cyphero version



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