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Can you create a navigation system in the trimmer that mimics the AviDemux application?

They use the arrow keys for movement along the timeline with Up/Down for keyframes and Left/Right for single frames.  Then Ctrl+PageUp to set a start marker and Ctrl+PageDown to set the end marker. Also allow it to scan through the video at a faster rate when using keyframes by holding down the up or down key.

Having those would make scanning through video and trimming out parts quicker.

I have a file recorded by Windows Media Center that TS-Doctor can't seem to fix. Windows and Avidemux show the proper length, but they stop playing about 10 minutes before the show ends.

When I open it in TS-Doctor I get an error saying "Invalid timer jump discovered [00:00:07.858]. Editing not possible, recording must be corrected first by TS-doctor! Create a new corrected file now?  Yes/No."

I click Yes and it saves a new file.  I reopen the file and the same problem at a different time stamp (still roughly the right length in Windows).  After a couple times running through this process the file will open in TS-Doctor without error, but the final file is missing the last 10 minutes of the show.

When watching TS-Doctor save the original file it appears to have a huge bandwidth glitch 10 minutes from the end, but the rest of the file seems to be there immediately after the glitch.  Is there any way to clean out this glitch without chopping off the end of the file?

I have been using TS Doctor to fix the TS files on Plex Server DVR when recording from an HDHomeRun tuner. It works good. However Plex Server recently switched to a MKV container and now when I try to fix a corrupt recording the audio ends up out of sync.

As far as I know it's still a raw MPEG-2 stream and AC3 audio track just like before, but in a different container.  Is this a problem with TS Doctor or Plex's implementation of the MKV container?

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