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Ok really strange they are crashing my media player, while previous ones don't.
Do you think that could be related to the size (in term of storage) of the subtitles bitmaps ?

About my Blu-Ray players, I talked about the media player section of it (my Sony can read .TS files from USB or NAS)

Thanks again

Did you have time to have a look at the file ?

Thanks for you reply

I just uploaded a 1mn sample name 20160406_0950_fixed.ts (2 audio tracks + 2 subtitles tracks), + the log files.
It reads perfectly with VLC media player, but crashes on my Emtec when I activate either the 1st or 2nd subtitle track.
Also, on my Sony Blu-Ray player (it can read TS), it shows 2 subtitles tracks available but when I activate them, no subtitles are displayed at all (but no crash).

I Hope you'll find what's weird with this stream  ;)
Thanks again


I have my Emtec media player DVB-T receiver since almost 7 years, and I am using TS-Doctor for the post-processing of recorded .TS files.

Since the 5th of April, DVB-T channels have been totally re-organized in France (all channels are now in HD).
Strange thing: for some channels, when I activate the DVB subtitles (live or on recording made after the 5th of April), my media player crashes.
I don't have the issue with the recordings made before this date.
And I never had this issue in the past with SD or HD channels (also with DVB subtitles).

Factory reset and latest firmware do not solve the problem.

So I was hoping TS-Doctor would detect any anomaly on the stream but this is not the case, and after cleaning my .TS file, media player still crashes when I active the sub-titles.

Do you have any idea ?
Would it be possible I upload this sample so you can check what could be the issue ?


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