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Microsoft's DVD Maker doesn't recognise files with a .TS suffix so it seems a bit weird that TSDoctor uses DVD Maker  :)

At the moment this defaults to Windows DVD Maker - not a particularly good program IMO. I would prefer it goes to ideally a program of choice or AVStoDVD. Is it possible to change the default setting? I searched under preferences but couldn't see any obvious reference.

TS-Doctor 2.x / Re: How to export registry settings, new in 2.0.14
« am: Januar 21, 2016, 07:25:01 »
OMG! I think I need new glasses  ;D Staring at it an not 'seeing' Thanks

TS-Doctor 2.x / How to export registry settings, new in 2.0.14
« am: Januar 21, 2016, 02:57:47 »
I just installed the update - took 2 goes for some reason but all's well now. I can't find a menu item to export the reg settings? Probably staring at it but I'm not seeing !!! Can you give me a clue?  Many thanks

TS-Doctor 2.x / Re: Prerence settings
« am: Januar 19, 2016, 01:26:27 »
Oh great! Thanks for the info - that will make things easier for my friends.

TS-Doctor 2.x / Prerence settings
« am: Januar 18, 2016, 01:36:46 »
Although I have used TSDoctor many years ago when it was first released I finally purchased v2 as Australian TV is moving to H264 MPEG4. In the past ProjectX was my mainstay but is somewhat 'old in the tooth' now and doesn't handle H264.

I have setup TSDoctor to do what I need but I do have friends who will probably migrate to TSDoctor who are not all that computer literate but excellent video editors. In the past using ProjectX it was an easy matter to give them my ProjectX ini file that contained all the necessary preferences for setting up ProjectX to Australian conditions - like for example our one and only subtitle (srt) page is on 801 also English is the only language used for subtitles. Broadcast audio is only available in English except for foreign movies and then that film is not available in English audio. So subtitles are essential - in other words it's like the experience in a cinema.

Finally! Is there an ini file or equivalent  in TSDoctor that contains all the users preferences? If so it would make life easy for me setting up 3 friends who all live some distance from me and will be purchasing TSDoctor soon - I'm in the inner city area whilst they are in the outskirts. Suburbs in Sydney are not unlike the Los Angeles sprawl and a car is very necessary :(

Any help gratefully appreciated

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