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Today I tested the new version of Subtitle edit 3.3.15. Then I could rightclick and open an edited file (with TS doctor) and OCR-read subtext.
If I open *.sup from TS Doctor demux, the time code wasn't wright. Maybe some setting. But anyway, I could read subtext direct from *.ts file, so no problem. Justthe Swedish letter å which became a ....

I had to wait long time (more than 30s) to have the text-choise dialog to open....

While I was waiting for a solution I tested Freemake with the video. I could convert to an avi-file with subtext. But it was wrong language. Freemake didn't tell me the correct language.
I'll test again and check that I just have one language so then it must be wright...

TS Doctor had listed all language correct from the beginning, but after cutting I should just save one.
It's strange that Freemake can use the language from the ts-file. Then there should be a way to make an useful subtext-file for some other program too....

I have MythTV and want to edit mpeg transport stream. I can do that with TS Doctor in a good way.
I also want to get the subtext out of the file so I can convert to a more effectiv format.
I can get subtext in a file *.sup. But I can't use the file in Subtitle Extracor 1.03.2. It just says:
- No Subtitles found.

How to read/use the *.sup-file so I can read via OCR to a *.srt?

Seiten: [1]