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I upgraded to 1.2.71 beta but when I tried prepare cutting I got the message.
"Source could connect to demuxer. Reinstall Haali splitter."

Reinstalling Haali splitter did not cure it.

I uninstalled 1.2.71 and got the latest version from the website which was 1.2.70.  The install included the installation of Haali splitter.  Nevertheless I still got the same message.

It could of course be a problem separate from TSDoctor.  All I know is the last time I used TSDoctor before I upgraded I did not have this problem.

TSDoctor Beta

I've been trying to extract Polish subtitles as an srt file.  I managed one and whilst it was complete the timings were all 03:20:06,662 --> 03:20:06,662.  The log file states:

First teletext header at 05:08:40.884 513
Last teletext header at 05:08:40.890 201

which possibly explains why I get a constant time setting. 

Is there a way round this and if so how do correct the gobbledegook characters in the subtitles.

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