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TS-Doctor 2.x / Batch checking
« am: November 16, 2018, 09:11:03 »
1. Why the log files are saved in E:\ even I type "E:\ts" as the output folder?

2. Why there are two underscore between the file name and "check" (I.e. filename__check.log) in the log files name instead of one when using batch checking?

TS-Doctor 2.x / Chinese EPG data
« am: Oktober 25, 2018, 12:06:59 »
I am a user from Hong Kong, and the channels that I am recording are providing both Traditional Chinese and English EPG. However, when I use ts doctor to get the EPG data, some channels give English EPG data and some channels' EPG data are shown in mojibake (meaningless characters) . I guess it is the result of reading Chinese EPG in wrong encoding). How can I get normal Chinese EPG data from ts doctor?

TS-Doctor 2.x / A few questions
« am: Oktober 10, 2018, 06:58:39 »
I was a user of ts doctor 1.2.x until my computer screwed up and I decide to use ts doctor 2 in new computer, and I came to some questions.

1. Regarding the recording info file. The recording info files (.txt) are automatically saved to root folder of I:. How can I make the info files saved to the folder where the recording located with filename like "filename of recording +.txt" instead of using programme name found in EPG data?

2. Some warnings detected in ts doctor 1.2 are not detected in 2. Like transport error indicator, unknown h264 error, how can I fix this?

3. Can the file remains open after checking, instead of jumping to home page?

4. How will the "conform PAT/PMT repetition" option affect the check results (not saving new files) ?

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