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yes, v 2.1.31 batch system is working now, thanks !

Sorry if I was not clear in my last post.

But the old batch.tsb file was deleted in file explorer as requested.
A new one was automatically created when I appended new jobs as a batch inside TS doctor
When I then tried to open the batch job inside TS doctor nothing happened.

I spent some time checking things.
Reset everything and then added one entry checking the status each time.
The first time an entry is added a batch.tsb file is created, it seems fine when checked in a NOTEPAD.
Each time a new entry is appended, that entry gets added to batch.tsb and TS Doctor can read it from the batch file.
However after the third entry each new entry that gets added in TS Doctor is no longer shown in the TS Doctor batch file. system, even though it exists in the batch.tsb file.

I then reset everything, (delete job in TS Doctor, it removes the batch.tsb file) and restarted making a new batch file with different files. The batch file grew as expected with each new entry (checked in NOTEPAD), then after the fifth entry the batch file simply disappears again when I try to open it in TS Doctor (FILE and then OPEN BATCH etc.). When viewed in Windows file explorer and NOTEPAD the batch.tsb file is there with all the entries.

The conclusion from this simple test is there is a problem in TS Doctor V2.1.30 batch file system and removing the batch.tsb is not the solution. I have kept one batch file, I can send it to you if you would like to use it to test.

Hope this helps !

I removed the batch.tsb file and even scanned to make sure no copy existed on my HDD.However there is no change in behaviour, the batch file list when accessed via FILE and OPEN BATCH doesn't exist, nothing appears on the screen.

Running V2.1.30 under Windows 10. This was working in previous versions, now jobs are 'appended' as normal but when I try to open the batch menu (FILE and then OPEN BATCH) nothing happens, it is if the batch function has simply disappeared. Has anyone any idea what is wrong?

They are, many thanks for the quick response.....

Many thanks Djfe for the excellent link, I learn something everyday!
As ErichV pointed out both your statements mean the same thing, all IDR frames are I frames, but not all I frames are IDR frames, if the person encoding has chosen it to be that way.
IDR frames are a subset of I frames.

But more importantly for TS Doctor, it would imply that using all types of I-Frames is not ideal. But the IDR frame would make a disturbance free cut-in and cut out point.
Wouldn't this be a good improvement for TS Doctor or is that a major change ?

Hi Cypheros,
Many thanks for the confirmation and feedback.
It seems BBC4 is indeed a strange beast, I-Frames that are not really I-Frames and now teletext without headers.....
Anyway, keep up the good work... and looking forward to 0.25

I'm recording BBC4 HD. It contains teletext subtitles on page 888, all TS-Doctor versions, e.g. 0.16, 0.21 and even 0.24, detect that.
It would seem that something has been changed in the 0.24 version that somehow makes it think the teletext subtitles are not correct.
Using an older version ,0.16,  works fine which would indicate that there is something not quite right in 0.24.

I just updated from 2.0.21 to 2.0.24. However this new version (0.24) does not make an SRT file.
TS-Doctor (0.24) finds teletext and subtitles and even the right page (888 on BBC4).
The fixed .ts file still retains the teletext subtitle stream which works fine in VLC.

I uninstalled version 2.0.24 and installed 2.0.16 and now everything works fine with the 0.16 version. I have a perfect SRT file with subtitles.
It would seem to indicate that the version 2.0.24 detects teletext subtitles but does not make the requested SRT file.

Any idea what has gone wrong ?

Many thanks for your prompt reply, I now know that I can better stick to Handbrake solution for the cut in and out points.
It is not very accurate, about 1 second.
But usually good enough for my purposes as the the start and end of the program is usually a rather a static second or two of video just showing credits.

You mention you use a different tool to cut the resulting Handbrake file, may I ask what one you recommend ?

My source .ts files are HD 264 recordings of BBC4 via a sat tuner (an Octagon box running OpenPLI)
I use TS Doctor to extract the teletext subtitles into an SRT file, that works very well.

I wanted to use the TSDoctor Cut in and Cut out system, it has an excellent user interface and remove the start and end of the recording so that I only keep the real program.
However the resulting .ts (fixed) file always shows a disturbance at the cut in point. The version of TS Doctor is 2.0.21 and I-Frame only cutting has been selected. The cut in and cut out points are selected as I-Frames. The disturbance is so annoying that I cannot use the TS Doctor cutting system.

At the moment my only solution is to manually select the cut in and out points in Handbrake and make a MKV file with the fixed but uncut .ts stream and the .SRT file.

So how can TS-Doctor really select an I-Frame ? or is the BBC4 i_Frame not really an i-Frame ?
My understanding is that a cut-in at an i-Frame should be disturbance free, is that correct ? and if yes, are there any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong ?

thanks for any help !

To avoid this problem I note manually the cut in and out points and then mux the fixed  .TS file

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