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Better log file managament
« am: Juni 03, 2021, 15:27:03 »
Hello! Great piece of software!

I have three feature requests about logs. I hope you will find it appliable.

1. You can't show a log/report when choosing "check only" option. currectly it tries to read log file from disk and when creating log is off it does nothing (actually this one could be classified as bug beacuse why to check if you can't go to the details???. And it could actually can read file generated before turning off logs so all the proccess of checking would be redundant and it will show old log file in the end???).

2. Enable generating logs only in certain situations:
- only if any warning or error
- only if any error

3. Enable generating logs in chosen folder instead of next to the video. I see use case for this: NTFS formatted disk with big cluster just for video ts files. Since it is big cluster it looks like creating log files next to big files is waste of disk space. Also i would feel better to have one file next to each other without separator created by temporary text log file