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Begonnen von Lugie, Januar 04, 2022, 18:51:25

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I have 3 separate TS files recorded from IPTV. I have merge them to one file but when I playback the file audio stops at the merge-points. If I jump forward in the file audio comes back. Am I doing something wrong? I used Auto check/fix when merging. First I get a message about "Timer gaps between the parts detected! Fix timers?" there I click yes. Then during the check of the merged file I get a message saying "Program switching detected at position: 16584202 Editing not possible, recording must be corrected first by TS-Doctor. Create a new corrected file now?".

I have tried to merge by using the yes option and no option but the problem is still there. Do I have to cut the files on the I-frame to make the problem go away or is it something else?

I use VLC for playback.


The file merge only fixes times on merging. I guess the recorded files have different PIDs for the videostreams and the audio streams. Make sure, that all files habe the same PIDs for the streams.

Open the first file and write down the PIDs for video and audio.

Open the second file and check if the streams have the same PIDs, if not use "Prepare Patching" to conform the PIDs to the first file.

Do the same for the third file. Now you can merge the files without loosing audio or video.


Thank you for this information. When I look the the order of the pids under "identify streams" two of the files have the same pids and they are lined up in the same order, but when I compare the order of them in "prepare patch" they are slightly different. Does the order matter?
Those two files are recorded from the same channels, just multiple recordings where one started later and stopped earlier.

The third one is recorded on a different channel and have different pids as you can see in the picture, they I will change to the same pids as the other two. Just not sure of the order?

I tried to change pid on the last file and saved new file, but I get errors through the hole process (a continuous red line) and when I try to open the new file it wont even start my player. I also tried to play using TS-Doctor player and it only open after I close explorer.exe in Windows. I have had the same problem while merging files sometimes and I have not found a pattern to why this is happening to the files. I can´t even delete them before I restart explorer.exe.


Could you post the log file to the last file, where you get the red line of errors? Has the same file name as the new file but with the file extension .log .


The log file was too big to attach here so I had to use Dropbox.
It was getting a continuous error resulting in a red bar instead of green during progress making a new file after prepare patching.

I also noticed that Windows Media Player does not stop the audio at merge points. However I have managed to get VLC to not cut the audio at merge points, that happens only when I merge just two of the files, as soon as I merge the third file I get problems. Not only does the audio stop at all merge points but I also get the problem with file corruption as I mentioned before, that happens if I choose not to do the auto check/fix after the merge.


There is an invalid stream in PID 35 (hexadecimal 23). Use TS Packet Filter under Tools/Expert tools to remove PID 35 from this file. Is the merging ok after that?


Unfortunately the end result is the same. I tried to play my merged file in my Zidoo player and there it plays fine without cutting the audio same goes for Windows Media Player but VLC still cut the audio. Maybe VLC is more sensitive, but I have managed to get it to work in VLC too just not with 3 files only 2. I also noticed that during playback on my Zidoo that the current time of playback starts over when playback gets to the merge points. Therefore I can´t rewind without going to the very beginning of the file and then fast forward.


you should seriously consider to reencode the merged parts afterwards with tools like handbrake or so. These will resequence many needed timers/infos within the streams that may confuse youre players now because they jump at the join points.
Therefor position XXXXX within the movie can be found more than once within the joined file. this makes it impossible for the player to go to a desired spot.

The only "safe" way I know of is to:

* reencode each part seperatly (using the absolutly identical settings for the encoder)
* merge them simply with "copy /b ...."

This works (and plays) all the time.
(the encode to non-TS gets rid of most of the evil timers than now are troubeling you)


During merging there should come up a dialog to fix the timers. Did you choose "Yes" ?


I did choose yes when the fix timer dialogue came up.