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FORUM RULES (Dated 03/13/2010)

This forum is a free service provided by software distribution Frank Siek, and should serve to discuss the topics of digital recordings, their processing, archiving and playback. From many years of experience in other forums I know, it's important to define some borders to create a positive climate in which the members of the forum can share informations and knowledge in a relaxed manner. Criticism and extensive discussions are certainly desirable, but should always stay and in the context of fact and existing legal bounderies.

  • To create posts in the forum, you must be registered. Multiple registrations are prohibited.
  • All members should be treated with respect and decency.
  • Accept mistakes of other members, especially the new ones and try to help.
  • Trolling and flaming is not tolerated. The run of permanente attacks against individuals, companies or products are not in the purpose of constructive criticism and fulfill this fact!
  • Insults, derogatory remarks about persons or companies are not allowed.
  • Don't refrain from vulgar, obscene, discriminatory, racist, violent or inhumane expressions.
  • It's forbidden to call for criminal offenses or approve.
  • It is not allowed to publish sexual content.
  • Also, do not link to content that would violate these rules.
  • Advertising is not allowed in posts.
  • The theme of each discussion forum is determined either by the article, which includes the forum, or by the summary of the forum. All entries must relate to the topic.
  • The publication of individual e-mails, or the disclosure of personal data without express consent of the sender is not allowed.
  • Check your own posts carefully before the publication of information which are not intended for the public. (the internet forgets very slow, only)
  • Please note for all your contributions, the current laws, especially property rights.
  • For violations of the terms or the rules of the forum moderators and administrators are entitled, at its discretion, move posts or threads to block some or all and to temporarily or permanently exclude the user from the forum.