Mass reconstructor ApSc Tool

Begonnen von Jeco92, Dezember 07, 2023, 17:11:49

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Hello, I am new in this forum even If I use TSDoctor since first version with the files produced by my enigma decoders.

Every day I have to reconstruc AP and SC files using tools/Reconstructor ApSc option for .ts file I got through my french INAThèque subscription.

At this time I must do it one file at a time. As my files will be stored into a Lan server (and not into an enigma engine decoder where I can reconstruct AP and SC files for a directory), I will be pleased if the TSDoctor Reconstructor option would work for a set of files.

Just an idea...

Have a good christmas.


In TS-Doctor 4.0, you can activate Enigma file creation and update in the settings, so every recording you edit with TS-Doctor will have correct .ap and .sc files.

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I already checked this option but it will only update existing files.
the files I get from INATheque are .ts only.
This option did not create this file for me.
As I do not need to cut the file, my only option is the TSDoctor one...


You don't need to cut. Just open the file with TS-Doctor, skip commercials detection and click on "Create new file". The new file will have the needed additional Enigma files.