Previewing HEVC got laggy

Begonnen von patak, November 11, 2023, 17:58:09

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In one of the latest updates, previewing files consisting of HEVC video got worse.

I remember I could jump a second forward or backwards and the preview updated consistently. Currently, it works sometimes. Sometimes, the timer doesn't even update; other times, the preview stays not updated. It's hard for me to tell the specific version when it happened because I don't update every single new version that appears.

The issue may be related specifically to Polish DTT, so here's a sample TS file.
Thanks for any help

edit: sorry I forgot to set correct permission in GDrive, the link should work now


Don't know yet why but the HEVC encoding of this file is strange. VLC player shows only some frames at the beginning and Windows mediaplayer crash, if I try to jump to another position.


On my computer, Windows Media Player plays the recordings correctly, but it's probably related to the filters used. VLC indeed plays some frames and continues only with audio.

Only DTT TVP channels seem to be affected. Of course, only those broadcasted in DVB-T2 HEVC. In December, the remaining ones in DVB-T H.264 will also switch to the newer standard.
I looked into my archives and found two samples:
May 2023 (link) - the same issue.
June 2021 (link) - seems okay, but it was a UHD channel. There's also an unrecognized AC-4 audio, but it's a different story.


DVB-T2 with HEVC replaced DVB-T in Germany some years ago but we never had with this kind of problems with the playback.