Adding Teletext or DVB subtitles to an existing .TS file

Begonnen von boulder, November 28, 2023, 02:35:46

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I was just wondering, because of a discussion I had with someone on a forum, whether it is possible or not to add subtitles to an existing .TS file.
So, for example, you have a BBC One recording, you extract the subtitles to an SRT file (this is already possible with TSDoctor), then you translate the .SRT file to say Dutch, then inject it back into the .TS as an extra Teletext page (or replace an existing one), or convert it to DVB subtitles, then inject those into the .TS file itself?

Personally, I don't think it is possible, though it would be an interesting feature of course.


Yes and no :o

It cannot be done with the TS Doc, as you already know, it can only extract a stream.

You could use the tsmuxer to add your new Doctor Who (  :-* GREAT EPISODE, I LOVE THE MEEP!) dutch translation, but it will not help you because they would be added in the front of the file, shown all at once and not in time. ???

But of course, there is a solution  ;D

With a re-encoder like Handbrake, you can add your srt (even make it default or burned in) and create a new mp4 or mkv packed video.

This works like a charm, but you wont get a TS (which is pretty useless on your computer anyway).

BTW: Subs are not Teletext. Teletext is generated by the broadcasting station and contains a lot of specific stuff. SRT is a plain text format, it can be used everywhere. DVBSubs are Pixel Graphics (like DVD Subs), TS Doc converts them with OCR to plain text.


That's what I thought, but I just wanted to know:

* Is it theoretically possible to do this? Inject an SRT into the .TS file in such a way that it would play synchronously?
I suppose this would be quite complicated as Teletext subtitles come together with the Teletext information, so you'd really need to analyse all the data, create an extra Teletext page,and modify it all, remux, seems quite complicated.
* Is there any software that does this?
Doesn't have to be TS Doctor.


You can embedd SRTs into MP4 or MKV container but not into transport streams. The only supported subtitle stream formats for transport stream are teletext or dvb subtitles (some kind of bitmap format).

Theoretically you could extract the dvb or teletext subtitles to SRT, use a service like to convert the English subtitle to another language, convert the translated SRT back into a dvb subtitle stream and mux it with tsmuxer into the transport stream.


Zitat von: boulder am November 28, 2023, 13:31:01Is there any software that does this?
I don't know of any  ???

The muxing was described already, but producing proper (and time-aligned) video text.... no idea.