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Begonnen von barbatrukko, September 15, 2023, 20:41:39

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I m TS Doctor user from 1.2 version.
Latest version i used is 3.2.
Some time ago i lost HDD and reinstalled all.
I did some search in my mayl but i found only mi first license (1.2) but not license upgrade to 2.x and after 3.x

How I can find my 3.x license for buy upgrade to 4.x?



I found my 3.x key... but when I try to install the 3.2 version a messag etell me that version is to old and 3.2 not start... So i can add my .lic file and get the serial to add in "Upgrade to 4" form.

Also after first start error, now message is not in Italian but in german


See: https://www.cypheros.de/tsdoctor_faq_e.html#3.5

After registering your license file for version 3.x, the error message will be gone and you can read your serial number.

Or you can contact our support at any time via email and ask for help: support(at)cypheros.de


no, after error, program crash.

I will contact support, tnx