TS-Doctor v 2.2.24 and WIN11

Begonnen von mackowiakp, Januar 17, 2023, 14:31:53

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I try to install TS-Doctor v 2.2.24 in WIN11 but I got and error that it is too old version.
Is it possible to install it in any way on WIN11?


Zitat von: mackowiakp am Januar 17, 2023, 14:31:53Is it possible to install it in any way on WIN11?
I dont think the old one will still run, but the new 4.x does (I use it on W11).
So, consider an update.  :-*


Actually, v2 does run perfectly well in Win11.

But I assume that you won't be able to install it as an evaluation version these days...
So you either have and provide the v2 registration information for the v2 installation exe, or follow Mam's suggestion to evaluate a recent v4 rather than the (for years) unsupported v2.



OK. Works in WIN11 in compatibility mode with WIN8. First run setup in compatibility mode and then TSDoctor itself.