Error in DVB-subtitles (not a TS-Doctor problem!)

Begonnen von Prasmus, Dezember 29, 2022, 18:28:28

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I have a problem with errors in the DVB-subtitles stream when recording from my cable-tv using recording services (dvbviewer). Actually I have the same problem with the Teletext stream, but let forget about that for now.

When I record a program I often get 1 to 10 of those errors. Errors are logged in both the dvbviewer log and the ts-doctor log file when I cut and fix the recorded .ts file.

When I record the re-run of the program I often get exactly the same errors in the same places, so it's not just a transmission error.

The error (ok, actually a warning) in the ts-doctor log is like this:
TS  WARNING: For PID 1BC8 00:02:35.487 TS packet 0061186E: Packet discontinuity  last=10 , current=12

I was so lucky that I all ready had the same program recorded some time ago where the subtitles were hard coded in the video stream, so I could compare subtitles between the hard coded and the dvb-subtitle stream.

There is missing one subtitle where the TS warning is, in this example the missing text is "Hallo?". It's just before the next subtitle "Hvad vil du?".

I have played a little around and used ts-doctors raw-cutter to cut my source ts file to 189MB with the error in the middle.

If this is something you would look into and see if it's fixable I will send you the raw cutted ts file.
I know it might not be fixable but I will be very happy if you would look into it (if you have the time and thing it will make ts-doctor a even better tool).

Of cause, just ask if you need more info.

Right now i'm using ts-doctor v3.2.33 and I just discovered you have released 4.0.8. - I will consider upgrading.