unwanted audio queue in resulting ts file after cutting

Begonnen von marco, Oktober 30, 2022, 20:49:48

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Apologies if this has been posted before. It is a minor thing, however I hope someone might be able to help.
In TS-Doctor 3.2 sometimes after cutting a timestream the resulting .ts has a small queue (1 single frame) containing an unwanted audio "glitch".
It is just a single frame, it contains audio only and does not seem to depend on the audio codec, but it is audible.
I try to cut only at IF frames.
Maybe there is a setting to tune in the preferences to avoid this?

I have been able to identify one of these glitches in a .ts generated by TS-Doctor by using another application and I have done a screenshot of it.
The unwanted queue is circled in red. Please see attached picture.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Audio frames and video frames have different durations and as TS-Doctor is not reencoding audio and video, this differences can create a very little stumble at the cutting point.
An AC3 frame for example has a duration of 32ms and a video frame (DVB, 50fps) 20ms. With this discrepancy there will always be a little gap in the range of some milliseconds. In most cases unhearable.

There are no settings to improve that behavior.