Prepare cutting not available for a specific file, fixing the file doesn't help

Begonnen von Michael5856, August 21, 2022, 08:27:59

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My setup is to go the cutting mode when a file is loaded. One specific file goes to a fixing mode. When the file is "fixed" it reenter fixing mode. What to do? The file load and play using TS_player or VLC.
The analysis detect no problem. When I run the "check only" there is one error in the H264 Video.
Logfile: Du darfst in diesem Board keine Dateianhänge sehen.
Recorder: DM900 RC20 UHD


the usual trick to overcome this endless loop is:

* Load File into TSD
* Do NO CUTTING, just "save as new file"
* Reload the new file

This should work, the first run usually fixes the bug and the second run then allows you to cut normally.

(a bit uncommon, but approved to work  ;D  )


Thank for the reply. It does not fix my problem.
I do not get the option to cut the saved file.
But I did a "raw cutter" of the file into 1GB files.
First part I could cut (TS detected the files was a series, but if I accepted to load the series, I ended up was the same problem)
I did the cutting of the first file, loaded the cutted file with the rest of the files with "Open multiple files". Cutting was available and the job could be finished. 8)