Inaccurate cutting on recordings from DVBViewer

Begonnen von Dal, Juni 18, 2010, 12:51:14

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When I try to cut recordings I have recorded with DVBViewer, the cutting is "off" with several frames, up to 1 second. It is a shame, because they way you have the GUI is very good, and "invites" to accurate cutting.
But unfortunately, it does not.
I'm happy to provide a recording for you, just say the word.



as you can find in the users manual, the TS-Doctor can't do frame accurate cutting because of the reencoding that is needed to this. The TS-Doctor can cut in at I-frames and cut out at I-frame or P-frame.
The main focus of the software is to check and repair transport streams. The cutting function is only a addon feature but not the main purpose of the program.