Turn off commercial breaks auto detection

Begonnen von aleycon, Dezember 31, 2021, 00:20:10

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I have been using TS-Dooctor for many years, because it's a very good application. Now, I've reinstalled Windows and I've installed TS-Doctor back (version 2.2.24). However, I can't  turn off commercial breaks auto detection (auto set green and red areas in timeline). I want the timeline to be all green. Where I can do it, please? Thank you.


I,ve already found a solution:
Settings -> Preferences -> Dialog settings -> Start automatic cut? -> No. On this tab page I've also changed setting Use Enigma .cuts file to cut recoding? to No.


Glad you found the solution yourself.
Please note that version 2.2.24 is outdated and compatibility issues with newer Windows 10/11 versions may occur.