List of BBC recordings visible on computer but not on TV

Begonnen von Ende Vermaeck, Juni 27, 2020, 11:23:17

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Ende Vermaeck

Hi there,
I use  TS Doctor 2.x for years without problems, but discovered lately something that I can't explain. Recordings from BBC can be managed and cut by TS D and be saved to my network harddisks to stream them on my TV's at home by WMP under W10.
It works fine for most of my recordings except those from BBC. The saved file x.m2ts is visible in the list of my computer and I can play them on any computer in my network, except my Samsung TV's and Humax recorder because they are not visible in the list menu.
When I copy the recording to a disc or memory stick I can play them on any device.
What can be the cause of this problem?  :o :o

Thanks in advance for explaining



How do you access the files on the network drive? SMB, NFS, FTP, DLNA/UPnP?

Maybe you use on Windows another protocoll than on your tv and receiver.

Ende Vermaeck

The protocol is DLNA, but that goes well with all the Dutch and Flemish recordings I make via the same cable-provider Ziggo.
Got approximately 20 TB movies etc on disk that work fine except those bloody British ..
I also tried cutting and converting the files with Nero Video (sorry for that  :D, TS D works a lot better) but that gives the same result.
Still a puzzle for me. Thanks for your answer.


File extension is m2ts for all files?

DLNA is a very simple protocol and many servers are quite silly, just relying on the file extension. Try to change it to .ts or .mpg.

Ende Vermaeck

Changing the extension to .ts works!!
If all problems in life were that easy to solve ..

Thanks again, and I'll buy myself an upgrade to V3.x this week
For my next questions I will contact you in German, as a Dutchman should do.
Aber mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut wie das von der Rudi  ;)