Suggestion when using Open Multiple Files

Begonnen von bernie, Dezember 16, 2019, 22:14:18

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I have several recordings, if I use "Open multiple files" will show a glitch in the final output at the timepoint where the files are joined.

If I use the function "File merger", and select the same multipart recording I would get a warning about not valid TS data start among the files, and a yes/no choice if I want to cut file to valid TS packet size. I always click NO, and I have no glitch in the final output after doing the merge & fixing.

To make sure I don't get that glitch in final output I first have to test the multipart recording with the "File merge" function -> if I get no error about TS data I would cancel the file merge, and open the same multipart recording with "Open mutiple files" and I would know there will not be a glitch in the final output file at the joined timepoints. If I do get an error about TS data when testing with "File merge" function, I would merge with the "File merge" and fix the merged file.

My suggestion is to add the background check code used in the "File merge" function to the function "Open multiple files" and show a warning with a choice to skip warning, or open the "File merge" window with the same selected files pre-added in the list and give the choice as normal in "File merge" if the user wants to cut to valid TS packet size or not if needed.