Batch processing forgets track language code changes

Begonnen von el Filou, Oktober 10, 2019, 14:41:57

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el Filou

Hello, first time I have to report some problem with TS Doctor after using it for nearly 10 years because it's so good and definitely worth the purchase!  8)

I just noticed an inconsistency. If you change the language code for a track and then check Append to Batch when creating new file to process it later in batch, then TS Doctor will forget to apply the language code changes to the corresponding tracks. This happens with every track type where you can change the language code, Audio, DVB Subs, Teletext Subs.

In addition to correcting this inconsistent behaviour, could you possibly consider adding a new feature to the Tools menu for only changing the language code of tracks without remuxing a whole TS file?
I don't know if it's technically easy to do that, but I figured as the codes are the same binary size it could be not that hard?
This is not a necessity, but it would help a lot because I now have to re-check all my movies I had processed by batch (hundreds of them) and remux the whole file for each just to fix the wrong language codes...

Thank you very much in advance, and best regards.


Thanks to pointing us to the problem. We will check that and try to fix it in the next version.

el Filou

Hello again. I noticed that a new version 3 was released. Does that mean that a potential future fix for this issue would only be available in v 3.x ?
Thank you and happy new year.