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Begonnen von ianking, März 26, 2024, 12:43:57

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I have been using TS Doctor for a umber of months now and find it a great product and is much quicker at  stripping out commercials from TV recorded films compared to movie editing software I had been using before.
I am curious though as to how TS Doctor manages to reduce file sizes by so much, even after taking into account the space taken up by commercials.
One movie I have just edited went from 3.6GB to 1.6GB.
Certainly when I look at the properties of both the before and after edited files there is no difference in the data and bitrate.


TS-Doctor removes filler data broadcaster uses to keep the overall bitrate more or less constant. As this is only needed for the broadcast via cable, satellite or antenna, it can be removed safely from the recording.

This does not affect the video or audio quality.


Thanks very much for the explanation!