autofix corrupt .ts files with dropped frame

Begonnen von JesperDall, Januar 30, 2019, 09:44:28

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I receive .ts files on daily basis where we experience that files are corrupt, frames are dropped/missing or are damaged. When uploading the .ts files for transcoding we experience that audio and video are out of sync even though you are able to play the source video in VLC. I have then tried to fix the source files using autofix but it doesn't solve the issue when the files hereafter is uploaded for transcoding. It is only if I apply a trim (prepare cutting) also if it is only 1 sec. from the start and end that I am able to resolve the problem when the files afterwords is uploaded for transcoding. In other word applying a trim/cut solves the issues of a corrupt file.

Question: Is it possible to apply the same solution that we achieve when source files are trimmed as an autofix or is there a why we can apply a standard trim to all videos that a handled by ts-doctor where i.e. the first second in the start and end are automatically trimmed when running af command line job?


There is a crop parameter in the command line options. Please take a look in the manual under command line.