Opening one part of multi-part recordings

Begonnen von jaydear, November 07, 2018, 21:23:28

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I've set "Dialog Settings / Multi part recording. Open complete recording?" to "Show Dialog", but v2.1.45 is still opening the whole recording without asking. Is this a bug or is there another setting somewhere? :-[
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The file dialog already shows the recordings merged and the summerized size. For Enigma and some other formats the files were opened as a whole from the start of version 2.0 and some cutomers asked to have this for all supported formats as it's logical to open the whole recording, if you list it that way.

If you want to open only single parts, use the File/Open dialog to select a single part of the recording.

Sorry if the changes interfers with your workflow.


Ah, right. Yes, I agree.

When my workflow repetitive procedure editing technique is broken by a glitchy recording (thankfully, a fairly rare occurrence) I have usually been lucky enough that the problem is in an unwanted segment and I have been able to avoid opening the one/s containing the glitch. The epg is useful in this, but it would be very helpful if the start of each segment could be indicated on the timeline by a discreet little line or dot.

Anyhow, it's all good, just wanted a little variety. Making little changes makes me more efficient with the Doctor.
The.Doctor is the ants' pants :)