.TS file recorded by digital TV Vestel

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I have a Finlux TV (manufactured by Vestel) and i have problem playing on the PC the recorded files.
The TV DVR function can record on any media connected on USB and store the .TS file (and aditional files) using the following structure:

   + RECS (.TS files are stored here)
   + RECSINFO (.adf .inf and .pmd files are stored here)
   + STORAGE (empty folder)

According to my information collected from the internet, this mode of storage is using external files to store some meta information.

My problem is that i don't know how to import this file in TS Doctor ?!
I also did not find any player for windows to play this file (except DVBrowse for MAC).

Here is a example of a short recording (Eurosport 4K): https://www52.zippyshare.com/v/ZtyBM7zE/file.html

Can you help me to fix those files to be able to play them on PC?


The first 13MBytes of your sample is garbadge, so only 252KBytes of your sample is usefull for analyzing. That's not much. Could you offer a sample of 100MBytes or more?

101   (0065): 98%  = H265 Video (PES_StreamID E0 = Video_Stream_0) {00000001} [PCR,PTS,DTS]
104   (0068): 1%   = MPEG1 Audio (PES_StreamID C0 = Audio_Stream_0) {FFFDA404} [PTS][PESLength]
103   (0067): 1%   = MPEG1 Audio (PES_StreamID C0 = Audio_Stream_0) {FFFDA404} [PTS][PESLength]
102   (0066): 1%   = MPEG1 Audio (PES_StreamID C0 = Audio_Stream_0) {FFFDA404} [PTS][PESLength]
0     (0000): 0%   = PAT

Try to open a larger sample with File/Open trimmed and ignore the first 13MBytes of the file.


Sure, no problem. I selected small file only for fast upload/download.
Here is a larger file: https://www17.zippyshare.com/v/uVkECGah/file.html


Is it the same channel?
This sample is fully encrypted with no usable data. The shorter file had at least some unencrypted kilobytes at the end but this file not.


It's not the same channel but both channels are FTA (transmitted unencrypted).
I can only guess that TV is encrypting the file before storing on media so it can not be used on other devices.
What can be done in this case?

Here is another pack of recordings, including SD, HD and UHD, all transmitted FTA on cable and satellite: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xwa930kl8r4yxy4/DVR.ZIP


Possible reason, that copying and editing might be "forbidden" can be found here: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/askjack/2014/nov/27/how-can-i-record-programmes-from-my-new-tv-set
A possible solution can be found by using a Linux based sat. receiver.


Interesting information Oldman13.
If this is the case i would like to have some professional confirmation regarding the files. And maybe more information about the "locking" system.
Zitat von: theguardian.com...programmes recorded via USB may be digitally "locked" to that TV set.


So... in conclusion... what is your professional opinion about the file?