Excellent functionality has disapeared in the last version

Begonnen von vandeath, März 19, 2018, 20:49:36

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In "Prepare cutting", in the right side "Cutting list...", there was the possibility to group and rename the cutting scenes. It was a great functionality.
I'm not happy  :(
I have uninstalled the last one and install again the old version : 2.0.95.
Please don't forget to add again this powerfull option.


Hi vandeath!

This option ist still available but it moved.
Look at the pictures in this thread  https://cypheros.de/forum_ger2/index.php?topic=4175.msg28441#msg28441
My english is not good enough to explain it all. But with a mouseclick in the blue sections you can rename and edit the cutting scenes.
Auch ein Maulwurfn findet mal ein Huhn!


Just click on the new floppy disk symbol.

See attachement.


Thanks a lot and long life to Cypheros !

Just a last comment, it's difficult for me to use the forum because there are a lot of german words.
I have forgot how to speak German, the school is so far for me now.  ;)