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I have been using your program for a long time and I have a bug to report you (very little bug) and 2 suggestion.
Bug) the bug is that when TS-Doctor start, if i have some file in temp dir TS-Doctor asks me if I want to delete them in German Language (also if my interface is in english)

Suggestion 1) the TS Demuxer tools it would be better if he had automatically set the destination folder equal to the source one (and not the last one used). In general, the stream are demuxed into the same folder in which they are then processed. Or otherwise put an option in the settings.

Suggestion 2) In "Prepare Cutting Area" I prepare the movie by cutting the pieces that are not needed. When I export the film, the system automatically appends the fragments giving me a single file. It would be handy sometimes an option to be selected before exiting that tells the system to save the chunks separately (in separate file, PART1, Part2, PArt3). Currently the only alternative is: save cutting area, delete unwanted parts, export movie, reopen movie, reload cutting list, delete another part, etc

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Sorry, can't fix the "bug"  :), neither do I have a solution for the opening folder issue in TS Demuxer. I always thought that these "expert tools" were just added without too much of a rework, so it could turn out to be impossible to change the behavior without re-developing the tool.

But for suggestion 2), you already have to options in your existing TS-Doctor:
a) in Options -> Auto-Cut, check the last setting (perhaps "Seperate recording into several parts"; in German it's "Aufnahme aufteilen auf mehrere Dateien")
b) while preparing for the cut (ie. selecting the wanted parts), click on the rectangle box left to the cutlist's preview pictures, and select names and parts in "from"/"to" to actually prepare a multi-part output.


yeah, if the tmp dir msg is in german only, thats really a bug.
But nethertheless, the doctor's tmp dir should only be populated (if at all, normally it is not used, it only kicks in under very rare conditions) by the doctor himself.
So if there are other files in there, it is correct that the doc considers this to be an error and gives you a warning.
Consider to let point the temp dir to an empty and elsewhere unused folder in the settings.

sugg 1) there is already an option for this. I guess its called "save to folder of source files" on the files tab of the settings. (for safety reasons you also need to switch on "filename mangling" to either "automatic" or "append _fixed to the name" (in this case both mean the same) to prevent your source file to be overwritten by the doc)

sugg 2) there is already a handy way to make these things work for you in a single run only. But, its a bit hard to describe, because "english is not my natural language". But I give it a try... I've explained it serveral times in german already, but I cant find the old threads with the screenshots. Ok, so words will have to do for now...

* open the cutting window
* define your cutting areas as usual (lets say for this example that you have defined 5 different areas, the first 3 for movie#1, the last 2 for movie #2)
* look at the preview pics of the areas in the upper right of the cutting screen
   (you will notice a small bar running from top to bottom directly to the left of the "start" pictures, click on this "bar", it is actually a button!)
* a new dialog opens, here you can define the filename for the save dialog, and (most important!) the areas that should belong to this file)
   ( for our example enter "1" as begin and "3" as ending area and close the dialog with OK)
* Suprise! (yeah, I agree, nobody but the author would have guessed it before) the formally long bar is now split into two bars!
* click on the lower bar, the dialog appears again, enter the filename for movie#2 and set areas from "4" to "5" (they should be this way automatically already, but better check it)
* (repeat if needed for movie#3 to movie#N)
* close the cutting window
* hit "Save new File" on the main window
* Surprise again! Usually you are asked for a folder/filname here, now it only asks you for a folder! It uses the filenames from the area-definition dialogs instead now. (this only happens if you have defined more than one movie)
* relax and be happy

(the auto cut into seperate files mentioned by tsduser does this already for you, but it only will work/happen if there are proper EPG/EIT data infos in the recording. You can turn it on and hope it will work with your files, but you can always use the here described manual version to get what you want)


Hi, thanks for your answ.

So, bug is really a little bug.

1) ok. i did, but i leave for error also "remember last used folder" so, in some dialog work this option and in som eother work "source folder". Now removed "last user folder" and works!

2) Thank! now is very useful.....