Need some help with a preview setting

Begonnen von Oldřich Řezníček, September 30, 2017, 11:34:02

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Oldřich Řezníček

Hello all. I have a small problem with a  preview during the cutting a video.
My preview looks like this

This looks like as the "soft start"  that use some media-players  due to weaker computers.
But it is very unpleasant with a video cutting. I have the same problem in the new version of the program TS doctor 2.0.93
I am convinced that this can be changed with the correct settings.
Can someone help me how i can set the preview well ? (I don't have performance problem, )

Thanks  :'(



do you use the LAV decoders? It seems that you get the best results with them.

Auch ein Maulwurfn findet mal ein Huhn!

Oldřich Řezníček

Ok not ideal but looks really better, movement is smoother and each keyframe is already visible.  it will be suit me.  ;)