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Begonnen von Oldřich Řezníček, September 30, 2017, 08:49:20

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Oldřich Řezníček

After some time I installed my version of ts doctor v1
I downloaded here the latest version of program (TSDoctor_Eng [1,2,184  rls12- 2015].exe
The instalation works fine, all the components downloaded without problem, but the program not started vith an error message.

I have no chance to offer a license file because the program closes before it starts completely.
Is there a way to fix it ? My licence is lifetime ...

Thanks for help



before you start your installation, you must put TSDoctor.lic and the installationfile TSDoctor_xxx.exe in the same folder.

Auch ein Maulwurfn findet mal ein Huhn!

Oldřich Řezníček

@ iks-jott
Thanks m8 works fine. the problem solved, thx for help  :)