Question about TS new versions and few more

Begonnen von Uros98, Dezember 21, 2016, 02:54:24

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So i want to buy ts doctor software.It works great! :D
I record ace streams and if there is any error , ts doctor fix it easy and file can be used in every editing software.
So big like from me for that.
But i have question about versions for ts doctor.If i buy new one right now and it will ofcourse work but what after you make an update?Do i need to buy software again? I mean licence not whole software lol
I have paypal to pay and where are details for paying?


Hi, a license for version 2 means that all updates regarding version 2 are free of charge. You don't need to buy it again, never.
But if maybe in some years, there could come a version 3.0 with a small upgrade fee. No plans in that direction at the moment.

Just visit our shop, select the payment methode and follow the instructions. It should be easy. After purchase, you will receive an order confirmation and some minutes or hours later you will receive your personel license file you can use to switch the TS-Doctor application from trial to full featured mode.