cutting picture display intermittent refreshes

Begonnen von grl, Januar 01, 2016, 23:50:38

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I'm used to ProjectX which reliably updates the picture when stepping through the video using different increments. TS-Doctor plays the video reliably but does not always update when stepping through it using 1sec, 10sec or the frame step functions. Without this ability it is very hard to get accurate cuts. As a result the processed video ends up with small pieces of advertisments still in it or some of the video you want to keep missing from the final edit.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?


the reason for this is that the doc doesn't bring his own player, he relies on directshow/mediafoundation (windows media pipeline), which was designed for playback and not for cutting videos

the used decoders help already a bit, but weren't designed for cutting either

but it's a cheap way to get a decent preview

using your own or a better decoder would require paying license fees which in return would make the doc a lot more expensive

the workaround for the issue you are describing is simply:
playback the area where you want to set the cut and then afterwards jump backwards and you should be able to set an accurate cut ;)

if that doesn't help then the reason is that the decoder/splitter has issues jumping because the bitrate is too low (happens often during the credits)
if the bitrate is low then it gets harder to find the frame you are searching for fast enough (but again the decoders were designed for playback -> they should respond fast, instead of returning the accurate frames in every case)

it might help to fix the file first (without cuts, you need to have the auto cutting in the options disabled for that) and then open it again and set the cut points
if that doesn't work either then you might be left with setting an inaccurate cut

I hope that helps a bit, if you have further questions, don't hesitate too ask ;)