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Begonnen von PerryM, Dezember 28, 2015, 15:53:16

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Initial thoughts - somewhat confused!
Before updating the hardware, the 'Dr' program has had a couple of upgrades and my test movie (UK ITV HD from Freesat) had now processed the commercials removal (VA mode) in about 24 minutes, and the cut points have improved. So I then upgrade to the new mobo & processor (same hard drives). I reload all the software and rerun the tests and the comms removal reduces to about 10 minutes. This is a very useful (maybe decisive) reduction but curiously the resultant cut points are different! The correct points are very similar but both instances produce a couple of 'false' comm breaks that are quite different. I can see from the process window that the software uses the in-vision logo-bug and perhaps this 'disappears' into the background in a couple of occasions?
I then try turning up the processor speed from 3.4 to 4.2 MHz. I rerun the test and it now takes about 12 minutes! Again the 'extra' comm breaks are rather different. I turn it back to 3.4 MHz and again it takes about 12 mins. I then remember that between the first two tests on the new hardware I changed the decoder software - this clearly has a large effect on the process time - more than the processor speed!
The bottom line is that the hardware change is clearly worth it, and that if the false breaks were removed (by further improvements in the algorithms) then the software would be very useable. If it gets to the stage of the AC3 detect results than I would be a happy bunny!


Zitat von: PerryM am Januar 10, 2016, 21:06:19
If it gets to the stage of the AC3 detect results than I would be a happy bunny!

I'm afraid, you will have to stay a turtle  :'(

The logo detection will never reach the accurancy of the AC3 detection, just because the logos are too much different and some stations really spend lots of efforts on animating them, shifting them or doing other nasty things with them that will make to program to fail (and if an update manages to keep up with them one day, they surely will modify them again so that the status quo is back.
This is a neverending chase between the rabbit and the hedgehog...

AC3 detection is "simple" compared to it. There is a definite switching "command" transmitted, cannot be missed or misinterpreted. And as long as the movie is in 5.1 and the ads are still in 2.0, there is no way it can fail.


Never mind - I appreciate the efforts.
One thing I didn't mention is that the cutting navigation for h.264 is much better with the new hardware. In particular, jumping to I frames now works well in both directions. On the old hardware it only worked in reverse. I'm using the same LAV decoder and the same video card, so only the processor can be effecting this.