EAC3 Streams ignored when stream_type is 0x87

Begonnen von worm, Januar 02, 2016, 19:53:58

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I'm using TS-Doctor to cut my Mythtv HD recordings. This worked well until I upgraded to 0.27 where E-AC3 streams are now given a stream_type of 0x87 instead of 0x06
When analysing PMT, TS-Doctor cannot find match between found streams and the ones reported in PMT
Stream Type    : 135
  Description    : User private
  Elementary PID : $014A
  ES Info Length : 10
  ES Info        : $0A, $04, $66, $72, $61, $00, $7A, $02, $80, $C2
  ES Info Text   : __fra_z_€Â

Deleting PMT entry: PID 014A type 135 = User private
Deleting PMT entry: PID 014B type 135 = User private
Deleting PMT entry: PID 014C type 135 = User private

Is there a way to change this behavior ?

For information, I'm using version 1.284 and tested 2.x version without success

Thanks for your work


Could you send me a short example (10- 20 MB) of such a file?


Thanks for your quick reply
Here is the link to a example file

For information, I've built a small tool that "repair" the input file before putting it into TS-Doctor. It only replaces the "0x87" of the audio stream by "0x06" (and the CRC of course)
After that, TS-Doctor takes the file correctly. But it would be easier if it were integrated into TS-Doctor directly :)



You'd better dump your recording tool. Apparently Mythtv is not complying to the DVB standards. Maybe it's ATSC oriented (file type mpg instead of ts)?

I guess I've found your source  ;)


E-AC3 streams are not in PMT. TS-Doctor offers to add them to the PMT but as AC3, what's wrong. Next version will import the E-AC3 stream correctly.


*which is wrong

(sorry for correcting you, but I think otherwise he could have trouble understanding you, because he is not from Germany)