SOLVED: TS-Doctor searching for content in D: drive on opening

Begonnen von marco, November 23, 2015, 17:59:19

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I have TS-Doctor version 1.2.171 running on my Win7 machine.
Since a couple of days, once I open TS-Doctor, the application opens with a window and the window states:

Cannot find content on D:
and then offers to cancel, retry or skip.

Once you've clicked 3 times on "cancel" then the main application finally opens.
It happens both if you open the application from the menu and if you open by right-clicking on a .ts file.

I've put a DVD into D: and TS-Doctor seems to be happier but then it hangs.
Once taken the DVD out, the behaviour is the same as explained above.
Anybody know how to get rid of this odd behaviour?

Thanks a lot/Regards



TS-Doctor remembers last used folder. Try to use regedit to delete the key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cypheros\TSDoctor\Last" where the last used folders are stored.


Today the problem went away without doing anything.
Anyway I browsed through the register as suggested, and saw the last values.
They are now referring to hard disk existing locations.

Grazie mille/Thanks a lot