Clean source and Audio error

Begonnen von freebits, Oktober 06, 2015, 06:51:32

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Hi Cypheros,

Thank you for the update 174 and I use it very well. (Will soon buy the license)

But I still have some audio sync issue and want to know if the audio error like AC3 crc error from every clean source at the attached log is unavoidable due to PCR issue at my source UMAX?

I don't have any video error but get always audio error regularly in every clean source. This is for sure nothing to do with audio sync issue I've got?



Hi, the UMAX transmission is just a collection of clips send one after another. They don't care about timers and errors. The AC3 errors are near the borders between the clips, so it looks like the AC3 packets are cutted rough, not care if a packet is complete or not.


Thank you for the explanation, Cypheros!