No Audio data written - revisitted

Begonnen von Revids, August 17, 2015, 15:54:26

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Hello, I have searched the forum and realized that there has been already some flow around this message. It still does not help however. With the latest update I keep receiving this error ca. every 10 films I cut and fix. What I need to do then is just to close TS Doctor and restart again. The same file works perfectly, in 50% of the cases even the cutting points reload. But at the end it is quite annoying. I attach the log files I got last time. As mentioned, just restarting Ts DOCTOR  solves issue with the file.


You are using ComSkip for cutting commercials. Is the problem reproducable if you are not using ComSkip?

I guess the problem is caused by the recording processed before the problem occures. So not the file that shows the problem is the reason, but the file you processed just before. Could you try to process such a previous file again and check if the following processing will fail again?