PMT invalid with .ts from Rebox

Begonnen von AdJ, Dezember 24, 2014, 17:49:44

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Hello, I'm running .ts files from my Rebox (USB) recordings through TS Doctor 1.2.148 on Win7. It runs OK through PAT scan but at PMT scan TS Doctor reports "PMT invalid or missing".
The logfile shows a lot of errors, extract:
TS  ERROR  : For PID 0DB6, invalid packet 00023886! Error: sync_byte_error
TS  ERROR  : For PID 0DB6, invalid packet 00023887! Error: sync_byte_error

Too many errors skipping log entries!

Scan aborted (too many errors) !
TS  ERROR  : For PID 0ED8, invalid packet 000470B7! Error: sync_byte_error
TS  ERROR  : Packet 000470B6 with 2180 missing bytes

No valid PAT found!
--- PAT/PMT creation mode ---
Creating new PAT for PMT PID 00B1
Found 1 different PATs
Found 1 different PMT PIDs
Creating new PMT PID 00B1
PCR for selfmade PMT: 0736
New PMT: No video stream found error!
New PMT: No audio stream found error!
New PMT could not be created!

I've copied the logfile to a txt file, which is 836 KB in size. Is it useful to upload that?



No, I guess the recording is encrypted or has stream types TS-Doctor can't detect correctly. It would be more helpfully to email the first 10-20 MBytes of the file to support (at) to analyse the stream. You can use the RawCutter under Tools to create a file with the exact copy of the first 10-20 MBytes.