Getting TS-Doctor to list errors found

Begonnen von MrVideo, Juni 01, 2010, 06:19:54

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Version 1.0.45

I've not found a way for TS-Doctor to log/report the errors found.  I can run the analyze only button, but I've not found a way to see what was found.

Is there a way to list the errors found?

If not, I'd like to suggest that a future release provide a list of the errors found.  The whole idea behind an analyzer is to report what it finds.

The errors found should also be reported when doing a save.


I now see a log file that TSD produces.  But it does not appear to list what it fixed.

What it fixes would come in extremely handy for the current problem that is being worked on.

Tests are still progressing as to if TSD "fixed" the issue.  I won't know until later today.