Copy recording files from USB drive

Begonnen von ibipn, September 15, 2013, 09:17:29

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Hello there

My STB lets me record TV shows on any USB drive.

The files are as shown in screenshot. The problem is I cannot copy stream.str file. When I try to access, it shows "Access is denied", although I log in with admin rights in windows 7.

Does anyone know how can I copy recordings and convert them to mp4 or avi format?



Such error can occure if you remove a USB drive during write operation. Maybe the FAT is demaged. Try to use Windows drive check tool to fix the file system.

By the way, what STB model you are using and what file system has the USB stick?



Thanks for reply

I'm not sure about STB model, its provided by Airtel DTH HD services here in India. File system on USB is FAT32. After finishing recording, I use STB's menu to safely remove USB.

I think the file stream.str has been protected from being copied to anywhere else. I can copy other files except stream.str. I tried copying the file from Windows 7 and Ubuntu but it failed.



It looks like the recordings are copy protected. Even if you were able to copy the files, you could not decode them. I found no hint of a hack or any other solution to convert this files into something usefull.


probably the following thread will help you ;-) :
didn't read it all but the first 3 and the last 2 sites
seems like the programm extract+ works:
(but you have to connect the hard drive of your box directly to your computer)