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Begonnen von TUK, April 14, 2013, 23:42:21

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- I am testing TSdoctor and would like to understand what is the meaning of "Warning and error" messages
( depending obviously on the quality of the X.TS file ) and mainly what to do with these informations.
- I feel that a "warning" message will not create problems when running the XX_fixed.ts file . But concerning the  'error" messages I have experienced that in one case the "fixed.ts " file has not been edited and in another case it did and everythig was OK when running this last file ?
- I have tried too, when "errors" were detected,  to use a filter ( on packets) to try to remove the errors but again it works once but not in another test case ?

-Another topic : I got a message release 1.2.78 available. I installed that new issue but it is in German !!! I cannot then take benefit of it ?



In most cases the warnings can be ignored. The TS-Doctor removes errors but only if it's useful.

I don't know which language version you installered the first time but on all versions you can switch the language under Einstellungen/Optionen/Sprache to your prefered language.


Thanks for your answer

- language : it was english initially but the 1.2.78 was loaded in German. I  Know now that Einstallungen means settings ...

- OK for" warnings" but I got the case with "errors" not repaired and no possibility to get an XX_fixed.ts  file. In that case, it seems that it is possible to cut precisely the problematic area ( with minimum losses). Please confirm that is true for video data and audio data.


Yes, you can cut the problematic areas if you know the exact position.