Current release version 1.2.184

Begonnen von Cypheros, März 14, 2010, 13:03:11

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Version history:

1.2.184 - Fix for argument out of bounds

1.2.183 - Show details were incorrectly assigned when the file separation dialog was invoked
           - If option "appending '_fixed' and the file name when saving" is selected, the source file name is proposed as the destination file name. If this option is disabled or for multiple target files, the TS-doctor tries to use the file name from the TV Guide.
           - Working again under Linux/OSX via Wine or Crossover

1.2.182 - Restore priority of AC3 commerials detection
           - Taking into account the low bit rate for Sky SD channels (H. 264) for partially encrypted recordings

1.2.181 - Hotfix for problems when you open the file dialog on Windows 10
           - While assign areas to multiple file, the list was not displayed correctly when called multiple times

1.2.180 - "Just check" now also brings a list of errors
           - Fixed display errors in the batch list
           - Increased number of buffers for H264 Picture Parameter Set
           - Improved drawing the bit rate
           - GUI problems fixed for Eastern European special characters
           - Fixed potential problems opening and saving files
           - Skin error for Comboboxes fixed
           - Problem with channel logos fixed
           - Display of Windows version expanded with build number
           - Catching a potential error when opening a directory
           - Support of Swedish language in the GUI
           - Support of Czech language in the GUI (thanks to Mila Vavruska)
           - Compiler update to Delphi 10 Seattle
           - Fixed potential display problems under Windows 10
           - Display of errors and warnings in the progress window
           - In batch or commandline mode, the TS-doctor no longer stops with the error message "Recording is encrypted. Can't continue!"
           - Fixed problems with reading the date of Teletext at Pro7 MAXX
           - Now recordings are also accepted, where are the distances of the PCR values far outside the norm (30ms)
           - Repair of recordings where the timer will be reset every few minutes (Korean UMAX UHD TV)
           - Improved recognition of program switching
           - Display the corrected time of PCR for jumps
           - Adjusted the formatting of the displayed file sizes in the log (KB)
           - Added Teletext subtitle statistic to the log
           - Index bug-after loading a cut list in the cutting window
           - Fixed problems when demuxing recordings with incorrect PMT
           - Channel logos are no longer stored individually, but as a single ZIP
           - Channel logos can be downloaded during Setup

1.2.171 - Processing of non-compliant DVB PES packets for Teletext (Finnish YLE)
           - TV-Guide (Teletext) for some Finnish channels (yle TV1, TV2, Teema)
           - Updated skin engine
           - Fixed display problem on Windows Vista that was caused by Windows Update KB3057839 (09.06.2015)
           - Extra files are copied too, if file needs repair of PCR problems first
           - Improved PCR scan during analysis
           - PCR scan factor can now be adjusted under "Correction behavior" to find smaller PCR jumps
           - Removed false log entries "Filler data not followed by PayloadStart" for H264
           - Support for Teletext processing of Czech channel TV Barrandov
           - Removing MPEG2 video padding data (Zero Byte Stuffing)
           - In the Remuxer log the PTS values checked to strict and unnecessary warnings were written in the log
           - The stream processing was aborted if too much errors occured. Errors are listed more compact, now
           - Improved display of position of the error in the error list, particularly for wrong PCR/PTS values because of encrypted packets       
           - Fallback to the Teletext TV Guide, if the EIT data are faulty or insufficient
           - Fixed potential problem when cutting recordings with PCR wrap (audio data not written)
           - Improved identification of the language of Teletext subtitles (canal digital)
           - Warning is the temp directory of TS-doctor is changed to a directory that contains files

1.2.166 - Volume in the cutting windows was not changable

1.2.165 - Error in the dialog "Open splitted files" fixed and added support for 64-bit values for the SpinEdit components
           - Fixed problems when accessing no longer existing network directories
           - Timeout of 5 seconds to check whether directory can be accessed or not
           - Error in TS Packet Editor fixed, which could result in unintentionally changed packets
           - Display of Arrival_Time_Stamp for M2TS files in TS Packet Editor
           - In the cutting window now an area can added by pressing then Ins. button, if no markers are visible       
           - Fixed problem with the reset of the cut list in the cutting window
           - Fixed wrong colors for errors and warnings in the progress window
           - Fixed problem with special characters for teletext subtitles in the demuxer
           - Reset problem with Enigma AP/SC-indexer fixed when several recordings were processed sequentially
           - For TechniSat recording it could occur sporadically, that the last 30 seconds of the recording could not be edited
           - Optional "extended PID scan" where larger parts are scanned
           - Automatic removal of subtitles fixed (inverted)
           - Support for Russian language 

1.2.161 - Undo function in the cutting window (CTRL + Z)
           - Enigma-AP/SC-indexer processed also TS files that were created with Videoredo
           - Hotkey function of the delete key is now switched off when changing to the file separation dialog
           - Workaround for "Previous I-frame" in the timeline panel when using LAVFilters
           - Fixed problem with sporadic not working "Previous I-frame" when using Haali-Splitter
           - Fixed bug in the SampleGrabber which could lead to hang of the playback graph in certain configurations
           - Enigma AP/SC indexer improved
           - Removing marked section via the delete key, if a marker is enabled in the cutting window
           - Removing cutting areas via the delete key, if no marker is enabled in the cutting window
           - Fallback for cutting images, when problems with fast Samplegrabbing
           - Inaccuracies cutting images with the help of the fast SampleGrabbings in the cutting window
           - "AAC small PTS delta"- problem fixed in TS Remuxer logfile
           - Double rows of Teletext subtitles (Polish HBO) will be merged now
           - Increased buffer for EmulationPrevetions (ORF Sport + HD)
           - Fallback if Teletext time format has changed
           - Adjusted changed Teletext time format for ARD-Alpha

1.2.154 - Filters out of PID 17 (SDT,BAT,ST) during playback in the cutting window, otherwise HaaliSplitter hangs
           - Insert of AC3 silence in TS Remuxer updated
           - When Teletext X26 characters used the color attributes are respected
           - Support for FreeSat(UK) EPG compression
           - Missing or only partially existing stream resulted in a long delay when creating a new file
           - Adjustment for changed Teletext of SIXX
           - Fixed problems with the date format for DVBViewer EPG data
           - Problems with French teletext subtitles on Arte channel fixed
           - Catching fails to connect the audio components in the cutting window (under MacOS/Wine)
           - Entry for English-based (other) in ISO639 list moved to the correct position
           - Priority changed while selecting character set in the Teletext improved (especially for Russian television)
           - Fixed flickering of progress bar when skin is disabled
           - Fix for incorrectly displayed MPEG audio parameters caused by defective audio packages

1.2.148 - Support for Teletext with cyrillic and greek character sets
           - Improved detection of 192 byte TS packets
           - Shows MPEG audio details

1.2.147 - Problem with download of additional tools under Linux fixed
           - "Default Language Descriptor" was ignored for recreated PMTs
           - No unwanted file separation while automatically remove encrypted areas
           - tsMuxeR not correctly detected during installation
           - Support for ADS info from the "DVB recording service"
           - After the repair of a timer jump or removing encrypted areas the programme guide was no longer fully scanned
           - Improved Teletext TV Guide
           - Support for taking over Fortis FTRI packets, so that the recordings remain playable on Fortis receivers
           - Faster CRC32 check (8x faster routine)

1.2.144 - Fixed a restart problem of the trial version
           - Download option of additional tools during Setup
           - Commandline parameter for the target directory now also works for single files

1.2.143 - Improved Teletext processing
           - Additional channels included in the Teletext processing
           - Fixed problems with SIXX-Teletext
           - Disabled audio tracks and subtitles have been incorrectly applied to the batch list

1.2.142 - Hotfix for problems with the file dialogs (program termination without error message)
           - In radio mode the LAVSplitter is prefered, because the Haali splitter produces no audio for recordings without video stream
           - Support for recording of TechniSat ISIO S receivers
           - File Merger now supports the merging of overlapping recordings
           - Incomplete audio streams will now be ignored in preview to circumvent problems with Haali Splitter

1.2.141 - Teletext TV guide for German Sky channels improved
           - EIT can be ignored via advanced options in the file open dialog
           - Various graphic elements made independent of the skin engine
           - Fixed error message "No mapping for Unicode characters in the multibyte target code page exists" when opening older recordings
           - Fixed incorrect duration displayed for recordings with PCR-wrap
           - Teletext processing improved for swiss channels
           - Fixed problems with certain special characters for teletext channels in Czech
           - Adopted various Czech stations for teletext analysis
           - VPS auto cutting for Czech TV channels CT1, CT2 and Nova
           - Flickering in progress window fixed, if skin is disabled
           - Installation scripts completely rewritten
           - More detailed search for teletext subtitles
           - Problems fixed in TS Remuxer and TS Demuxer for ATSC recordings, where audio and video PIDs are below 32
           - Fix for Trial under VM and Wine
           - Show title recognition via Teletext improved (NDR problem)
           - Possibility to enter compatible filters by registry entry
           - Support for PowerDVD 14 video filters
           - Skin surface made can be switched off (for wine/crossover - compatibility)
           - Timeline now accessable even without skin engine
           - Skin surface under wine/crossover switched off by default, to prevent hangin in the cutting window
           - Time values now correctly for created SRT subtitles, even if Teletext PTS is missing or incorrect
           - Compiler update
           - Update of skin engine
           - New trial time
           - Choice for H265 video filter in the settings
           - For H265 recordings the LAV splitter is selected, because Haali splitter does not support H265
           - Trial of the TS doctors under VM possible but with 500MB-Limit for the output file
           - Detection of H265/HEVC video streams
           - Detection of DolbyE video streams
           - H265/HEVC cutting (PES)

1.2.134 - Hotfix for not fully activated preview when using the Microsoft audio filter under Windows 7
           - When inverting the cut list the cutting images are now updated accordingly

1.2.133 - I-frame detection is working now for LAVSplitters too
           - More improvements for American cable TV
           - Evaluation of all EPG data in ATSC recordings
           - Improved adaptation of the aspect ratio of screen shots in the cutting window
           - Fixed problem with manual detection of advertising in multi-part recordings
           - Detection of EIA-608 data in MPEG2 streams
           - Use of P-frames for the CutOuts in H264 can be turned off to avoid video artifacts
           - Play button only active after creating the cutting images
           - Improved handling of recordings from the United States (ATSC)
           - Improved recognition of ATSC recordings
           - Evaluation of the VirtualChannelTable and the SystemTimeTable for ATSC recordings
           - Anamorphic adaptation of screenshots in the timeline panel
           - Fixed potential deadlock in H264 processing
           - Screenshot in cutting window via shortcut "[Alt] i"
           - Teletext analysis for Italian channels added (Rai1,Rai2,Rai3,Canale5,Italia1,TGCom24)
           - Better detection of the recording start via Teletext even for unknown channels
           - Detection of recordings of Dutch TV stations NED1, NED2 and NED3 via cable
           - Sporadic problems with Kathrein UFS912 recordings fixed
           - Working progress in garbage scan
           - File position error for recordings with less than 10% usable data fixed
           - More than 20% fill data (garbage at the beginning and end), garbage-scan box remains yellow as a warning
           - Detection of private streams like Kronehits
           - PES demuxing of private streams
           - The CRC of newly created files will be found in the log now
           - The CRC of any files can now be calculated in the menu under Tools

1.2.128 - Display of the station name for recordings of an entire transponder with all PIDs
           - No longer functioning SRT Time Changer fixed
           - Better support for transponder recordings with many encrypted stream
           - Now also PCR jumps at the end of recordings are detected correctly
           - Very short cutting areas (less than 500ms) are filtered for the automatic cut to avoid cutting problems
           - Evaluation of the Service_Descriptor_Table if found, to get the channel name
           - Interpolation of the recording start time if no time information via Teletext or TOT is present
           - If a file needs to be repaired first all streams remain in the fixed file
           - Screenshot available even during playback in the cutting window now, playback is temporarily paused
           - In the cutting window  the cursor no longer moves to the end, when jumping backwards via -1m, -10s or -1s button
           - Better support for splitted files of Kathrein UFS 903
           - Fixed drag&drop of multiple files on the main window
           - Support for channel logos (channelname.png)
           - Uses automatically existing channel logos of DVBViewer
           - VDR channel logo pack from 3PO can be downloaded
           - Extracting recording infos from TechniSat REC files
           - Teletext analysis improved for some channels and some channels added
           - Year indication in the teletext analysis improved

1.2.125 - Fixed problems with sporadic inexact first cutting point (since Beta 1.2.120)

1.2.124 - Hotfix for version info of TSMuxer 2.0.8(b)

1.2.123 - DVD-Maker problem for recordings with a & in the file name fixed
           - In the cutting form a jump will lead to an update of the selected cutting area
           - Fixed problem that the first I-frame was not considered for the initial cut
           - Better consideration of the PCR/PTS delay in determining the cutting point
           - Code optimization for faster program start
           - Own and faster detection routine of the DirectX version on DLL version instead of DXDiag
           - Drag&Drop of files updated
           - Ignore transport_scrambling_control for detection of the stream start
           - Lesebuffer optimized for analysis
           - Raw cutter updated
           - Automatic stream selection for subtitles and audio streams based on language and format
           - New version control for "supported tools"
           - Teletext utilization for several Belgian channels added
           - "Devision by zero" bug for radio recordings fixed
           - Removing areas while creating cutting point images blocked
           - Removal of incomplete shows is performed for commercials detection via the menu, too
           - Potential problems while removing areas at the end of a recording fixed

1.2.116 - Fix for problems with thumbnails and single frame view

1.2.115 - Fixed problem with delayed subtitles of Finnish channels
           - Current selected section is now adjusted according to the cut
           - Improved support for multiple concurrent instances of the TS-Doctor
           - TS-Doctor renderer optimized and support for YUY2 format and VideoInfoHeader2
           - No more illegal timer jump detected for ordinary PCR wraps
           - Problem "no audio data written" for recordings with PCR wrap fixed
           - Updated Teletext TV guide for SWR channel because of changes

1.2.114 - Improved detection and removal of PCR jumps on BBC channels
           - Improved automatic removal of encrypted areas
           - Fixed sporadic wrong detection of PCR drift for recordings of BBC channels
           - Download of tools and updates changed to WinINet API
           - Checking for Internet connection before attempting to download something
           - Windows XP x64 was incorrectly compatibility mode detected even though this was not active
           - Support for downloading tools and updates via SSL
           - Improved installation of tools
           - Support for version 0.61.0 of LAVFilters
           - Repair of recordings where the PCR value drifts (Haupauge HD PVR2 problem)
           - Revised overwrite warning for saving of cutting lists
           - TV guide via teletext for Pro7 FUN, ProSieben MAXX, VIVA Germany, Disney Channel
           - Error message for files with file size zero
           - <info1> Data from the xml file of neutrino recordings is inserted in the description
           - Improved extraction of movie infos from the teletext
           - Broadcast standard was disregarded in some cases for ATSC recordings
           - Fixed several potential problems with the editing of recordings with PCR-wrap
           - Warning shots, where the PCR value drifts
           - Compatible to Haali-Splitter from K-Lite Codec Pack
           - Problem with volume setting in error preview window fixed
           - Sporadic problem fixed "no audio data is written" for recordings with PCR-wrap
           - Fixed a problem with the close button in the dialogs
           - Support for the new tsMuxeR version 2.6.11 including tsMuxerGUI
           - Support for current versions of ComSkip (free & donator)
           - If a recording has to be repaired first, teletext and subtitles are no longer removed unintentionally
           - Overwrite warning for saving of cutting lists
           - Fixed a potential problem with UTC time correction in the EPG TV Guide

1.2.108 - If bad EPG data is detected, the EPG will be ignored (occurred more frequently at ORF)
           - Bad EPG data no longer lead to hang the EPG-evaluation
           - Visualized creation of the EPG TV guide
           - Improved resolution of TV guide
           - Advanced options on opening a file (force new PAT/PMT)
           - If incorrect EPG found the TV guide is generated via teletext
           - Maximized State of the cutting window is stored now in addition to the screen position
           - Sporadic problems for very short TechniSat recordings fixed (less than 100 MB)
           - Warning when attempting to run the TS-Doctor in Windows compatibility mode, as this can cause problems
           - Improved support of Swiss television channels SRF 1, SRF zwei, SRF info, RSI LA 1, RSI LA 2
           - Improved automatic cutting for SRF 1, SRF zwei, SRF info, RSI LA 1, RSI LA 2
           - Automatic detect and remove commercials for SRF 1, SRF zwei, SRF info, RSI LA 1, RSI LA 2 in EPG/VPS cutting mode (as far as possible)
           - Fixed various issues with the EPG cutting
           - Incorrect EPG status no longer hang the application
           - "Fix incorrect TechniSat cuts" in the settings fixed
           - Audio errors were shown only if file was cutted
           - Fix for sporadic still wrong film details after working with Sky recordings
           - Default file name for screenshot (recording file name + time)
           - Fixed a bug when detecting the sound format of ORF3
           - Sporadic problems with cleaning of the song titles for "Deluxe Music" and EPG cutting fixed
           - VPS cutting was offered for ZDFinfo although the Teletext does not belong to ZDFinfo
           - Fixed issue with the internal TV Guide for sky recordings, when the recording occurred shortly after midnight
           - Fixed a bug in the single frame display
           - Sporadic wrong film details in additional file of Sky recordings

1.2.104 - Sporadic error fixed "No audio data has been written"
           - Improved handling of music recordings
           - Automatic removal of advertising blocks for "Deluxe Music" via EPG-cut
           - Automatic cleaning of song titles for recordings from "Deluxe music" with EPG-cut
           - Timeline is drawn much faster
           - Significantly reduces CPU load in the preview window
           - Packages without payload are no longer listed in the log but as the sum at the end of the log
           - Fixed sporadic signed bug when removing the PCR jumps
           - Fixed sporadic faulty PCR display in the progress window
           - AC3 format changes were shown in the log even though they were outside of the cutting areas
           - Fixed sporadic hanger for audio format change (BBC THREE)
           - Fixed a bug in the Skinengine
           - Brazilian ISDB-TB standard can be selected as broadcast standard
           - Wrong PMT entries for certain audio tracks can be fixed (Brazilian TV)
           - Fixing of problematic TechniSat cuts can be deactivated in the settings
           - For some Danish channels, the AAC track was not recognized
           - Revised detection of audio formats for improved detection of MPEG1 audio

1.2.100 - Improved AAC parser
            - On saving a file, spaces are removed from the beginning and end of the file name
            - Fix for install in another directory as the default directory
            - The I-frame detection is enabled by default on the wine/crossover
            - Support for ATI MPEG2 Decoder Filter
            - Support for AMD Video Decoder Filter (MPEG2)
            - For setting "AUTOMATIC" the "enhanced video renderer" is now used in Windows Vista/7/8 as "Default Video Renderer"
            - Workaround for sporadic missing audio in the timeline when you use the Microsoft DTV-DVD audio decoder
            - Color information of Teletext subtitles can be applied in the SRT export
            - Wine/Crossover compatible video renderer
            - Improved search for time jumps within the recording
            - Fixed a potential problem at startup (14%)
            - After repair of recordings with time jumps, opening of the repaired recording is offered now
            - PMT problem with processing of VLC recordings fixed

1.2.96 - Fix for automatic update of trial versions

1.2.95 - Trial reset, new version can be tested 30 days again
          - Installation in multi user enviroment improved
          - Improved error handling during automatic update and tool installation
          - Fixed a potential problem with the re-creation of a PMT for defective or missing PMT
          - Improves troubleshooting of TechniSat recordings with timer problems, because by cut function in the receiver
          - Improved Teletext programme guide
          - Support of Dutch Teletext(Nos) (NED1, NED2, NED3) for program overview
          - Selection of the correct PMT improved, if there are multiple PMTs
          - Working with the TS Haupauge HD PVR recordings, finally
          - Identify and correct timing errors for TechniSat recordings that were cut with the receiver
          - Memory usage of the application is displayed in the log
          - ATSC to DVB conversion improved for AC-3 entries in the PMT
          - If the cut list was inverted, the cuts were not saved correctly for the reopening
          - FAT/FAT32 file system warning for files that are larger than 4 GB, can be disabled in the preferences
          - The scrambled flag will be ignored by default and no dialog box opens
          - Sporadic errors in the result dialog fixed
          - New display of error distribution in the result dialog
          - Improved recognition of stream types by searching at 3 different stream positions
          - Improved recognition of regional programme switching
          - French program translation improved (Thanks Phil)

1.2.90 - Fixed display of the cut list if cutting images are disabled
          - Option to turn off parity-check on Teletext subtitles (necessary for British channels "Watch.")
          - Double click was necessary in the cut list to jump to the beginning or end of a cutting range
          - Teletext program overviews for German Sky channels improved
          - In the timeline panel, the playback speed is no longer changed when jumping in the timeline
          - Fixed bug in patching the AC3 tracks in the PMT

1.2.89 - Automatic update respects now the previously chosen installation folder
          - First entry in the Batchliste was displayed incorrectly
          - Design of the cutting list improved

1.2.88 - Support for R5000-HD DVR recordings
          - Processing of recordings where a non-DVB compliant stream type is used for MPEG2 in the PMT (Canadian satellite Anik F1)
          - Detection and display of encrypted channels for transponder recordings
          - Taking into account padding data in stream type detection (French DVB-T)
          - Fix for non DVB/ATSC-compliant PMT entries of AC3 audio streams (playback problems of neutrino recordings on Kathrein UFS 913 receivers)
          - Selectable stream compatibility between ATSC(USA,Canada,Mexico) and DVB(Europa,Russland,China,Afrika,usw.)
          - Fixed problem with PMT less ServusTV recordings (Technisat receivers)
          - Installing licensed version on Linux via wine 1.6 rc4 possible (trial version not available and video preview is not working correctly)
          - Installing licensed version on MACOSX(Lion) via Crossover 12 possible (trial version not available and video preview is not working correctly)
          - Warning info when installing under VMs, that trial is not available
          - It could occur, during very short shots (less than 5 minutes), that the first I-frame on a cut could to be skipped
          - Unintended lock of the target drive fixed, not allowing to eject (hang out) external drive, as long as the TS-doctor runs
          - Additional PID scan at the end of the recording to better detect program switching (ServusTV)
          - Detection of program switching is performed now for PAT/PMT less recordings (e.g. TechniSat receivers)
          - Improved fix of program switching. Now the timer will be corected automatically if needed (ServusTV)
          - Skin-Engine updated
          - Default Language_Descriptor for PMT entries without Language_Descriptor
          - Error with adding Language_Descriptors fixed
          - Improved detection of encrypted areas (ORF HD)
          - Read buffer to accelerate the TS File Merger in "TS Paket Mode"
          - Option to remove annoying start packets without payload (ORF HD)
          - Older AAC formats are now also properly recognized by Remuxer
          - Fix: For modified Windows 7 theme (Windows Classic) and 150% system font size the buttons could be not be  clicked in the Setup
          - Fixed problem when changing the file name in the dialog for saving a new file
          - Improved treatment of Sky Select HD recordings
          - Fixed virtual cut for multi-file recording
          - Improved error handling for AAC audio tracks
          - Incorrect PTS DVB subtitles were not fixed when no cut was done
          - Support for Estonian language (incomplete)
          - French texts in GUI improved (thanks to Phil)
          - New version of the Haali splitter
          - Potential issues after changes of multi screen settings fixed
          - Fixed crash on the remuxing of certain footage from Danish HDTV (TV2 HD)
          - EArgumentOutOfRangeException (package 0) fixed when creating a new file
          - Evaluation and display of parameters of AAC audio tracks
          - Optional remuxing from AAC(LATM) to AAC(ADTs) in the Demuxer and Remuxer (can be activated in the settings)
          - Remuxer now supports the generation of MKVs with AAC audio tracks about MKVToolnix

1.2.82 - Hotfix for burning DVDs using DVD Maker, if there is only one audio track