Suggestion: New preview feature

Begonnen von Prasmus, Februar 22, 2012, 18:27:02

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This might be more or less impossible or take a lot of hours to make but here it goes anyway:

Lets say I edit a recording: Cut the beginning/end and remove 1 commercial block. This would give a cutting list like:

Cut 1 In : 16:09:14.611
Cut 1 Out: 16:20:33.171

Cut 2 In : 16:28:05.491
Cut 2 Out: 16:36:33.811

What I think would be a really nice feature is a previewer that could do the following:

1) Run the saving process as if I did say OK in the cutting dialog and then pressed Save new file in the main window but only for the last 2 seconds for block 1 and the first 2 seconds for block 2 and only save it in memory.

In this case it would make a 4 second ts-file in memory with data from 16:20:31.171-16:20:33.171 and 16:28:05.491-16:28:07.491.

2) Use the previewer to play those 4 second to see how the result would look like (takes less time that actually save the full file, play it and jump to the point where the commercial was cut out).

3) A really really great feature would be - in the previewer described in 2) - if each of the cut points now could be moved one frame back and fourth by pressing some buttons and the new result could be previewed (running step 1-2 again).

I don't know it it's possible to saving some data/pointers to speed up the rebuild of the ts-file in ram when moving the cut points frame by frame but that would make it even greater and a lot faster to work with.

Some kind of the same feature for the first begin point and the last end point would be great too...

The key thing in the above is that the previewer I talk about shows how the cuts would look like as if it was saved to a file then played in the previewer.

If you wonder why I even would like this in the first place... Well my cuts are still off - ei. what I see in the previewer isn't what I end up with in the saved ts-file. And even if it was on the spot, it would still be nice to be able to see how a cut looks like for real before saving the hole program (If you know MPEG Video Wizard, I think you know what I mean).

I hope what I wrote made sense, it's a bit hard to explain and doing it in English makes it even harder.

And remember it's only a suggestion!